Jennifer + Hugh | Surrey, UK

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Jennifer & Hugh are the real deal and here are some photographs taken on a super afternoon getting off the beaten track (and discovering a disused airfield) on a damp winters afternoon in Surrey, UK. Our time together was anything but damp – these guys create such an awesome energy. And it’s contagious.

They are also incredibly talented wedding photographers and you should so check out their work here and here. Thanks so much for the opportunity guys!

Thierry Joubert - Amazing colors, pictures and emotions Ed

Andreas - Stunning Ed!

Zoe - Ohh, these are so beautiful Ed.

I love seeing that connection between the couple, makes for sublimely beautiful, intimate feeling images, just love it x

Jim - cracking job

Jim - beauty boss

Tomasz - Beautiful !

Shane Jackson - Hi Ed

This is another amazing photo shoot ed. The way way you pose your couples is fantastic!

They look so natural :)

Barry - Lovely set of photographs there.

Boy Called Ben - Stop being so good!

Joseph Hall - Sweet shoot Ed, looks like fun. Love the indoor shots.. do more of they!

Kuba - I love that! Simple and beautiful

kong wai - It is so beautiful !! Lovely set

Sam - great set. lovely looking people :)

Antony R Turner - Incredible Ed! Your opening image sold it all to me!

Mamad - A lovely engagement shoot Ed. You are super talented and have managed to capture a great variety of shots from a single shoot. Brilliant.

Girish - They seem to be awesome :) full of energy.
Great pictures Ed.

if photographers - Que gran trabajo!!! Nos encanta!

Michal - Awesome pictures, awesome couple :)

MikeytheVee - Love this set Ed…and love these 2! Great job capturing them!

Romain - Ed, this session is really one of my fav ! Great colors and connection !

Inta - HIGH FIVE! :) Amazing work Mr Peers!

damian burcher - Great poses, love the interaction between them.

emma - This is so beautiful!

Gabby - What a gorgeous couple! Love the warm tones.

Daniela Liska - Me encantó,la frescura de ellos, los colores, el lugar.

Pedro Cabrera - Extraordinario, mucho ritmo, magia, frescura y mas…

Tim Kamppinen - You captured their relationship and emotion perfectly!

Joe - That forest is gorgeous! I loved the moody individual ones toward the end too. :)

Jesu - Perfect lovely! You’re so great…Excellent work.

Albert Palmer - SO many great frames…

PJ - Cool as always…

Thomas Steibl - awesome portraits man!

Bhavna - Gorgeous set of images Ed, really love the forest ones and the warmth to it. Awesome dude. x

Douglas Pettway - This session starts out as a 10 (out of 10) and then cranks up to 11 at the high five!

Janet Palmer - Oh love the colours, seriously awesome.

Dan + Nikki | Yosemite Wedding

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Yosemite blew my mind – as did Dan & Nikki’s incredible wedding at the historic Ahwahnee Hotel.

A massive thanks to friend and the incredibly talented Nirav Patel for having me join him for this one.

Shane Jackson - Fantastic images! I love the image of them walking across the field and the light streaming through the trees!! Fantastic style

Igor Demba - You are a monster dude!

shelly - flippineck! I do believe the word is “BOOOOOOOOOM”.

Vanessa - oh wow. wow.

Brooke - WOW!

Juliet Mckee - Oh Ed this really is the most intensely beautiful wedding. Your Landscapes are every bit as amazing as Ansel Adams work, and your portraits are touching and emotive. Pea green with envy!

Emma - AAhhh every photo is just amazing, what a journey!! Love this wedding so much, captured like a man possessed with magic.

Tim Williams - Ridiculous!

liam smith - oh Ed, you’re everything a wedding photographer wishes to be, stunning once again

Matt - Outrageous! You’re gonna make us bankrupt dude, we just want to travel to all the places you take pictures!

Jamie Waters - simply brilliant Ed..the widey shot of the bridal party…sooooo cool!

andrea - OUTSTANDING ;)))))))))))

Zosia - Gosh! Well that was just all kinds of amazing, wasn’t it??

Jay - You smashed it again Ed! Beautiful, beautiful work

Emanuelle - Wow!! Fantastic like and picture..really nice…!!!

Emanuelle - Wow!! Fantastic ligth and picture..really nice…!!!

Nicola - Looks incredible! I visited Yosemite in 2006 and just looking through these brought back amazing memories – you capture the magic of the place so well.

Kino Ortega - Speechless!!! You did it again Ed. Awesome!!

Kristy Field - Wow, amazing images, the couple must be thrilled with them. The location really suits your unique style Ed!

Hamish Jordan - Ed, I’m speechless…

Sebastian Wilczek - It’s my dream to go to Yosemite someday.You’ve really captured the beauty of nature.

Arnau Dalmases - Wow! I have no words!!!! Amazing pics mate! I felt there, deep inside. thanks for sharing!

Nirav - Dude… It was awesome having you there. Can’t wait to collaborate again ;)

Amanda Basteen - Amazing work as usual!

Liezel - Your work is just incredible!!

Jessie - The shot in the field with the sun flare and rays are magical! Beautiful work!

Pamela - Weddings in Surrey - Absolutely amazing images. Just love Yosemite and was made so welcome in your wonderful country last year. Feeling inspired with using boots and tutus for weddings in the UK!

MikeytheVee - So amazing Ed, the way you rocked the light in those is unreal! Happy travels my friend, keep it up!

Sara - Whoa. Like really. Stunning.

Angela Ward Brown - Oh my days. You found the perfect wedding and photographed it perfectly.

Sam - What awesomeness is this.. makes me want to hug pictures.

Sachin Khona - Art.

Charley - Again, amazing. Just incredible. Adding a trip to Yosemite to my bucket list!

caroline - duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. class, elegance and epicness all in one wedding.

Cristina Rossi - Pure poetry! :-)

jenny - Ed you blow my mind with every wedding! Would love to buy a print of that last photo. So amazing!

Becky Young - I LOVE how you incorporated the beautiful landscape into almost every image. Beautiful work!

Lisa Bennett - Absolutely beautiful!

John Bello - WOW.

Laura Babb - Stop being so awesome. ;)

damian burcher - Great location, great couple, great photographs. Love the third one down straight into the sun, great flare.

Juan Carlos - Deja de hacerlo tan bien, mucha envidia, felicidades¡¡

heather e - such a unique wedding. and you made such freaking amazing photographs out of it. killer work.

Belle Leplau - Ed you are AMAZING!!! Hope all is well! Belle

José Chiyah - Congratulations, your pics have left me with the mouth open, the place is magical and looks lovely people. Amazing worK!!!

Paul - I just can’t quite believe how amazing that post was

andy w - this is amazing Ed.

Mandy - woah. Not only is the wedding impeccably styled, but you took some heart stopping photos! Amazing images.

Kristian Leven - Dude, an amazing collection of pictures, and what an incredible experience to be a part of.

Cole - Holy landscapes. Sheesh…

Jesús Caballero - ed, what epic story…. awesome…best

Mark Pacura - These are more than beautiful man!