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It’s exciting times for these guys…

From Houston, Texas, Joey was assigned to work in London over the summer and when Emily flew over to visit, boom, he popped the question. Nicely done. Queen Mary’s Garden was the location so it was fitting we ended their engagement photos in the same spot.

You guys are awesome and it was such a pleasure to hang out.

  • Sachin - Golden images bro’!

  • Alberto - Stunnig frames !!! Great work Ed.

  • mike - I like the elevator shot. I tried one of those for a wedding two weekends ago for the first time… πŸ˜€

  • Dan - Joey and Emily are sooooooooooo adorable! Your portraits of them are stunning, and as one scrolls down the page, each image builds onto the next.

    The last image is such a strong way to close off and summarises the couple perfectly.

    I really liked the Baker Street train station shot.

  • Simon P Taylor - the tilt on No.25 is epic! love as always.

  • David Jenkins - You have a radar for ethereal, otherworldly light Ed. Beautiful.

  • Veronica Varos - These are breathtaking! Fabulous, fabulous work!

  • Linus Moran - Beautiful imagery Ed – love the Baker St tube shot. Spectacular..

  • Ed - Brilliant images and so many great locations.

  • Steve Koo - This is great work, Ed. I love the one near the beginning in the elevator corner.

  • Jakob - This is money, buddy. As per usual.

  • Igor Demba - I like Ed Peers, like, a lot! So good bro, so good.

  • pen - Insanely awesome pre-wedding shoot. Love it!

  • Brian Kraft - Ridiculously cool! Lighting is insane.

  • Kim - You have SUCH an amazing eye, I couldn’t pick a favorite if my life depended on it!

  • Louise Johansson - Wow! Amazing! Especially love the pictures of the couple with the high grass in the background. Wonderful and inspiring as always!

  • Naomi Goggin - spectacular, you had me at the first shot. beautiful light as well. x

  • caroline - wow, so beautiful! she is gorgeous and he is one handsome fella’ as well. nice work, mr. ed πŸ˜‰

  • Mercedes - From the beginning to the end…I love these. Really beautiful set of images.

  • Kelsie Taylor - these are beautiful! love all the black and whites.

  • Nessa K - These are all some kind of wonderful. <3

  • Rich W - Smashed it again!!! Love this set…amazing images!

  • Javier Abad - Cool!! Love all of them! Keep pushing..

  • Tim May - Love the little set in the car park. How you manage to fine such lovely light in a place like that i don’t know!! Great work.

  • Hamish Jordan - I agree with Ben, how do you find such amazing light?! I was always taught at photography college, first look for light then composition second.

  • Scout - You’re the photographer I first followed when I started out…..

    Shoots like this remind me why.

    Simple. Natural. Cute.

    Fantastic man.


  • Rik Pennington - Ed seriously, your work gets better and better. The compositions, light and emotion are all spot on. Love it.

  • James Melia - Awesome work fella, love the tilting and shifting!

  • George - Ed – these are incredible pictures. I love all the shots.

  • Anna Hardy - Absolutely love this shoot. Full to the brim with complete belters!

  • Charley | London Bride - Ed, your composition is outstanding, seriously spot on. And the light? I have never seen London look so mean, magical and moody! Just stunning.

  • nirav - Beautifully photographed my friend.

  • Alex - Your work keeps getting better and better. Thank you for sharing. Hope your summer is going well?

  • Brian Furbush - Fantastic work Ed – just a gorgeous couple and stunning location.

  • Jakub - Beautiful work mate!

  • David - These images are stunning…

  • Alex Davies - Amazeballs! Stunning images πŸ™‚

  • tobiah - masterful use of light. wonderful photos!

  • /mariahedengren - Now this is one awesome session. Perfection.

  • Jairo Crena - Master use of light. Very nice!

  • Marv - Great!

  • Tracey Hosey - Wow such beautiful work!

  • Karina Finegan - Gorgeous work!

  • Keegan Cronin - Beautiful

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