Matt & Dom | Just Three | La Palma Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination wedding photographerDestination wedding photographerDestination wedding photographer

What can I say? The last few days has been incredible…

It’s only the day after Matt and Dom’s La Palma destination wedding and there’s so much to show and talk about, but here are just three frames for now. In a nutshell; these guys, their friends and their family are all awesome and their wedding was magic.

La Palma, Spain, I salute you.

  • Gary Greenham - Can’t wait to see the whole post.

    Exceptional work.

  • Naomi G - beautiful work.

  • Anja - Awesome how these do not look like I would think La Palma looks. I totally love the b&w foggy wood shot!

  • Benji - Errrrm Freeekin WOW.
    Especially the middle one.

  • andy gaines - sweet! B&W foggy woods : boom.

  • Alex Miller - Spectacular Ed!

  • Annie Gozard - The middle one is really impressive and the colors of the last one are so beautiful …

  • Zyanya - WOW I just don’t know what to say, I’m from the canary islands and you being here just blows my mind haha.
    Beautiful as always Ed, can’t wait to see the whole post.

  • Adam Johnson - That first frame blows me away.

  • Gedas - amazing, sweet !

  • Elin Ivemo - Duuuude. That middle one is absolutely sick!

  • Rik Pennington - Stunning Mr P. The second shot is pure class.

  • Mike Olbinski - Amazing Ed!

  • Charley | London Bride - Blimey… this is rather epic.

  • Matt Tyler - AMAZING. Beautiful couple and incredible locations. Top work Ed.

  • Dominique Shaw - Words can’t describe how much I love our pictures! Thank you so much Ed 🙂

  • fer juaristi - beautiful my friend!

  • isaiah - that fog is unreal. sick frames

  • Paul - Check out those two beautiful people!! Incredible work as always Ed.

    Congratulations Matt + Dom. Love you guys!

  • Laura Babb - I should really find something else to say other than ‘beautiful’ every time I comment on your blog but it is. Beautiful. Breath taking. Beautiful.

  • Matt Long - Beautiful, dramatic, brilliant. Congratulations Dominique.

  • Holly Q - Last photo looks like something from a film…..stunning!!!

  • Bradley - Goodness gracious those are awesome… Bravo!

  • Jakub - Totally spectacular!

  • Cristina Rossi - This is truly magical! Gorgeous!!

  • Christian - Great shots, love the top one, get a feeling that the sea goes on forever, almost three dimensional.

  • Howling Basset - Great images but the first one is perfect.

  • Olivier Burnside - the tones in the bottom shot are fantastic

  • Brian Furbush - Rad shots dude, so beautiful.

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