Melissa + Bill [Destination Elopement, Spain]

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What an incredible adventure with two incredible people…

After email exchanges with Melissa that were filled to the brim with pure excitement, I just couldn’t wait to meet these guys and capture their vision of a destination elopement. Bill “spends half his life in the ocean” and so saying their vows on a rock in the sea was so perfect. The little rock was located under a natural arch along one of the most amazing beaches I’ve visited, Praia das Catedrais, Northern Spain.

I couldn’t help get a little emotional when preparing this post as all the good memories came flooding back and it’s a pleasure to share them with you.

Melissa and Bill, it was a true honour to be your witness and photographer on a day I’ll never forget. Thank you so much.

  • Voyteck - wow, absolutely amazing!

  • Suso Rivas - Amazing place, amazing photos!

  • Ashlee - WOW! Stunning stuff Ed!

  • Zosia - Perfect! Beautiful story captured with beautiful images 🙂

  • Wes - Good one my friend, crazy location!

  • Igor Demba - Beautiful my friend!

  • Boy Called Ben - Looks like such a special one to witness, Ed! Awesome work.

  • Cristina Rossi - I have goose bumps looking at these images and reading your post. So beautiful! 🙂

  • Andrea - Amazing! the location is just breathtaking and you captured it beautifully!

  • Maja - What a breathtaking location! Every single picture is so beautiful!

  • Paul Santos - A stunning set of images! Super cool : )

  • Kirsten Mavric Photography - Oh Ed. Phenomenal. I adore the rock formations. Gorgeous couple and what a story x

  • Nicola - Wow! What a location. I don’t think anyone couldv’e captured it more perfectly!

  • Miss Gen Photography - Wow, so beautiful I love all of these

  • Katy Melling - Amazing photos as always Ed!!!

  • shelly - Flippineck! That is all…..

  • Catherine - Oh. Just. Incredible.

  • Elvis Aceff - Genial!!

  • Zyanya - These are insane Ed, so so beautiful

  • Alberto Del Toro - Amazing job Ed, congrats!

  • Stephanie Rita - best wedding i’ve ever seen. so gorgeous.

  • lily - WOW!!

  • Igino Fucci - Just brilliant!

  • Girish - Ed, awesome set of pictures. Each of them. Probably your best till date. Such wonderful and photographs that have Love written all over you.

  • Rik Pennington - So many stunning frames. Brilliant work Ed.

  • Sergio - Ed some amazing photos!!! The truth is that the beach of the cathedrals is one of the most spectacular places in Spain.

  • Brian Di Croce - your brain is a creative box, man! beautiful photos!

  • Morgan - Awesome!! What a lucky couple to have you capture such a perfect little day

  • lauren waye - beautiful- i adore that is just the two of them saying vows to one another, such power in the simplicity of it

  • craig + Kate - dude you r killing it so so good!

  • Charley - Not really sure what to write other than wow. Just wow. It’s almost cinematic with the story and how you’ve captured it. Incredible.

  • john day - pure magic mr peers

  • Cornish Photographer - Some stunning shots Ed, love the use of black and white with the cave walls, inspired.

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  • mathias - it will be said a lot… but this is truly an incredible set of images.

  • Mercedes - Stunningly beautiful!

  • Luke - wow really awesome photos Ed !!! Great stuff!

  • nirav - Brother Peers, this is incredible man. Can’t wait for the times ahead!

  • Arek - Wow!! breathtaking!

  • Delia - Stunning photos!

  • Dan O'Day - oh ed.

  • Andrew - Completely inspiring! An amazing essay on how to photograph two people in so many different ways. Awesome!

  • WhiteDressPhoto Jesús Caballero - so stunning man! incredible!!! congrats for alll!!!!!!!!

  • York Portrait Photographer - Beautiful photos. I would love to photograph a couple on a beach.

  • Cam Grove - Well that’s just about the coolest wedding I’ve seen all year and you completely nailed the coverage from go to whoa – great work Ed!

  • Joseph Hall - We should encourage our B&G’s in the UK to do the morning meet, its so sweet. Love this shoot Ed, although I’m a little disappointed they didn’t end up swimming!! Big Man Love x

  • PJ - one the BEST ever!!

  • Jen R - love the portraits. you have really made the most of a great location.

  • Rob Dodsworth - Just f’ing incredible – mind blowing, awesome work!

  • Elin Ivemo - Your pictures always give me goosebumps!

  • Mick Shah - Absolutely sensational, just wow mate!

  • Max (Maxim Photo Studio) - Absolutely love the use of negative space!!!

  • Tim May - Bouquet throwing into the sea, awesome. It kind of epitomises the solitude of the occasion wonderfully. Somehow adds a sense of peace to what would normally be a frantic part of any wedding. Love it.

  • wedding photographer manchester - WOW! Stunning stuff Ed!

  • David @ Married to My Camera - Gorgeous pictures Ed of a couple that are so clearly deeply in love with one another.

  • mitch - the best!

  • marina + matt - holy moly…those cave shots are insane…pure magic!!

  • Wedding photographer plymouth - Omg!!! I love these images, your style of photography is just amazing. I really do love these images and I think the ones on the rock with the waves hitting them are fantastic!

  • Pedro Mon - Beautiful pics, beautiful story.
    Playa de las catedrales, so close to my house.
    Tan cerca…
    Enhorabuena, has contado la historia de amor, has plasmado la melancolía de la playa de las catedrales. Lo has hecho todo.
    Perfect work.

  • Chris Spira - wow. the couple, the location, your images. love this.

  • Anthony - Amazing work Ed.

  • Jonas Karlsson - Freaking incredible and very inspiring.

  • David Luque Photography - Wow, fantastic work!!

  • video production newcastle - Stunning work. I just love the way you have used the location. Massive respect for your composition.

  • Clarke Scott - the tone in this of just so bad. like BAD ass! love it

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