Leandra + Dave | British Columbia Wedding

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These guys, their friends, their family, their passion, this place, that day, lakes and mountains. Everything was amazing.

The location was Quaaout Lodge on Little Shuswap Lake, in British Columbia, Canada. A little piece of Heaven on Earth and Dave & Leandra are the warmest, kindest, most genuine people you could hope to meet.

High five to Sachin Khona for joining me on this incredible adventure and producing some magic.

  • Janneke - Lost for words! Your editing is off the chain!

  • adam alex - It’s beautiful mate, amazing moments and story!

  • shelly - blimey! What a ride! Gorgeous stuff Ed and Sachin. Bloody marvellous.

  • Tim Bishop - You rocked this out of the park Mr Peers! Still can’t believe that lens flare in the teepee!

    Really soulful, epic and beautiful work, so many “ah what!?!” moments going through the set, so, so good! Tx

  • michel quijorna - Boss !!! dice mi amigo, y tiene razón… GRANDE ED !!

  • Emma - Wow! Incredible, looks like an amazing day! I love the shots of the couple in the canoe!

  • Matt Ethan - Dude! So awesome, and those starry shots. Super!

  • Juan Carlos - great job to friend¡¡

  • Tomasz - Incredible ! Fantastic story !

  • Tom redman - What a wedding!!! Amazing shots from you both – absolutely loved looking at this time one! I want to go there!!! Amazing guys!

  • Inta - That flare photo! Damn!

  • Luke Hayden - Ed & Sachin = Dream team! Beautiful work guys.

  • Andreas Holm - amazing!

  • Bec from B.WED - Absolutely love how they chose to jump in the water at the end! Looks like the most wonderful wedding to be a part of!

  • Zosia - Oh amazing work guys! So much of the light fantastic 🙂

  • Damian Burcher - Love all the feathers! Really like the one of the dress thorough the window.

  • Jamie Waters - Beautiful selection of images Ed!

  • Ali Paul - World Class images here Ed. Seriously pushing the boundaries! Awesome stuff!

  • Anna - Just beautiful – especially love love LOVE the portraits.

  • Tomaž - Beautiful work, Ed! I really like how the feather trickles down and ties together this stellar storytelling.

  • Alex Miller - Totally immense Ed!

  • Thomas Steibl - Wow. Amazing. This is exactly how a wedding story should be told. Period.

  • Mark Sass | Photographer - Boom! Awsome wedding! Awsome photos, Ed!

  • jess petrie - Wow, these images are insane!

  • Charlotte - I can’t find the words. Just, WOW.

  • Pretty Days - I don’t find words Ed…

  • louie - Killer frames Ed

  • Girish - Fantastic set of pictures Ed & Sachin, well done.

  • small - wow wow wow! So fantastic! And, her dress is just amazing!

  • Ross Harvey - Beautiful bro!

  • Jairo Crena - Beautifull and awesome as always.

  • Rik Pennington - Fabulous Ed. Flaretastic 🙂

  • Sachin Khona - Absolutely incredible Ed. This is a wedding I won’t ever forget and so glad I was able to be a part of it.
    Leandra & Dave, you guys are amazing.
    Ed, high five back at you brother.

  • Fran Chelico - Sach!! This is incredible!!! just stunning imagery my friend!

  • Shari - incredible set of images. you are a brilliant storyteller.

  • James Phillips - Wow, mind blown. These are amazing! You’ve really created something so special for Leandra and Dave!

  • Jay Rowden - Oh yes!!! Wonderful ed

  • Amy Barton - A beautiful dress, an awesome couple, breathtaking scenery … a totally outstanding set of wedding images! Nice one Ed and Sachin!

  • Cristina Rossi - Totally amazing!! Just stunning! 🙂

  • Nirav - So good brother.

  • mathias - been waiting for this one =) Awesome looking wedding and pictures to match. so good

  • Heather Kanillopoolos - WOW. I could just… wow. I could look at this over and over and over again. Absolutely STUNNING.

  • katie - just so beautiful!

  • Carla Bonnet - EPIC!!!!!

  • Elissa - The scenery, the dress, the flare, the light, the canoe ride… this wedding is magical and I love the way you photographed it!

  • Amber Hughes - These are seriously fantastic! I was already thinking ‘this is my favourite set I’ve seen so far in 2014…’ and then I got to the portraits with the flare and jaw dropped. Insane work… love them all!

  • Anthony - Loads of great images, but I particularly love the one of the groom standing on the groomsman’s knee.

  • Naomi Kenton - Seriously seriously epic work! Amazing stuff!

  • Daniela Liska - Hermoso, como siempre! Que lindo cuando la novia no teme ensuciar su vestido!! Saludos.

  • chris prestidge - L.O.V.E !

  • Tomasz Wagner - This wedding had all the best things (nighttime swimming what?!) and you and Sachin absolutely nailed it. Beautiful work, gents!

  • PJ - AMAZING!!!

  • Leandra & Dave - Awesome work dude! Was so good to have you and Sachin there to celebrate with us and capture such stellar images of the day. We’ll have these to colour our memories for years to come. See you again in Oz in May!

  • Nora - Amazing work! Love everything, from the location to her incredible dress.

  • Jack Chauvel - Nothing short of spectacular Ed.

  • Emanuelle Photos - Lovely work!!

  • Laura Babb - Epic. Everything about it. Amazing work.

  • florence et cedric - c’est pour des moments comme ca qu’on vous aime… quel souvenir!!

  • Geeta - I love this pictures. Beautiful place.

  • Michael Wachniak - This is how you tell a story.

  • Yolande Marx - The way you tell a story and your processing is so inspiring!

  • Hilary - Probably so random..but my favorite shot is the kids on the stump. They are so beautiful.

  • /mariahedengren - Just the most amazing dress. And those kayak shots.

  • Fiona Reid - So Beautiful !!

  • Heather Elizabeth - Holy moley, Ed. This is incredible. You got them in the water?! Seriously freakin’ smoking work. Mind slightly blown.

  • seth goodman - These are wonderful! How the heck did the groom stand on groomsman? There are so many great photos here I am sure they are over the moon with what you produced for them.

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  • MikeytheVee - Perfection Ed! I love all the joy and emotion in the images…and that light! Love your vision my friend, spectacular!

  • Dom - Jeeeeez Ed that’s a bit special! 🙂

  • Sara - Wow…what an incredible set of shots! Amazing work Ed, I can’t even pick a favourite!!

  • Nathan - Your photography is amazing!!! I love your blurred party photos, very unique to intentionally do it. 🙂

  • Patryk Stanisz - Amazing photographs and beautiful story! I really like kayak pictures! 🙂

  • Adam Riley - Wow! Love the swimsuit night-time kiss!!

  • seth goodman - These are amazing! The photos at the lake are really special.

  • Joseph Hall - So cool – fab work – looks totally fabulous – expertly captured!

  • Dennis Jauernig - These are wonderful wedding photos! This stunning moments you’ve captured! Thank you!

  • Charley - Once again, sublime. Somehow your photographs are like a film, they really do brign the day to life, the emotions, the setting, the moments. Just amazing. If only our country could look this good!!

  • Mathew - Incredible! I love the last few of the stars, amazing clarity!

  • Sergio Rojas - Un trabajo precioso! La luz, los encuadres y el ambiente precioso. Un saludo!

  • Val - Those colors …

  • Daniel Lanton - These images are stunning. Love everything about this wedding. Well done!

  • Javier Berenguer - Gran narrador de Historias … Excelente trabajo …

  • David - Very nice work! Love your group concepts and your range of technique. Bravo!

  • Martin Turner - AMAZING!!! Breathtaking scenery.

  • Angel Conde - San Sebastian - Very great wedding shot, a lot of amazing pictures 🙂

  • Sebastian - Wow, What a day!!! Star shots are amazing.

  • Mario Calvo - Espectacular reportaje y como siempre narrado a la perfección!

  • Mark Edin - Amazing epic photography. These are stunning.

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