Sigrid & Ben | Byron Bay, Australia

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Londoners Sigrid & Ben headed back to the setting of Sigrid’s childhood and had their wedding at the Fig Tree Restaurant in Byron Bay, Australia. The most perfect setting for an incredible celebration – when it all ends up in a swimming pool you know it’s been a good party.

There’s something very special when friends and families from opposite corners of the globe come together and get along like a house on fire. Even more so when you’re let in to be a part of it. Thank you guys for having me along!

  • Pretty Days - Ed… Always the same words about your work… AMAZING pictures…

  • Dragos - Perfect. That’s it.

  • Mark Pacura - Absolutely beautiful..But then, come on, it’s Ed Peers 🙂

  • Albert Rué - Beautiful pictures, wedding and location. Amazing work Ed.

  • Jakub - Nailed it, Ed! Beautiful work.

  • Manel Tamayo - Great work Ed!!!

  • Craig and kate - Insane! U really are the next level man!
    Every frame!! really every frame…. is killer! =)

  • Sharon Ryan - Thanks Ed for your wonderful work & being part of our family for a few days. You captured Sig & Ben’s special moments perfectly.

  • Manasvi - Simply stunning! Amazing work!

  • Suso Rivas - I always love your pics!

  • Emmie Scott - Seriously gorgeous imagery.

  • Paige Jones - Looks like such a fun wedding! And you captured it beautifully, naturally 🙂

  • Alejandro Bergado - Great work Ed, congrats from Spain!

  • shelly - Beautifully emotive stuff there Ed. Gorgeous.

  • Tania - Beautiful shots in my mist favorite place in the world…

  • Gonzalo Moreno - Boy, what a pleasure watching this wedding. You did an amazing work! Congrats!

  • Jakob - So good, buddy. So good.

  • Fulya - Wow! Absolutely amazing!

  • Iiro Rautiainen - Whoa, perfect work Ed.

  • Alex Miller - Loving this Ed!!

  • Sachin Khona - Masterpiece.

  • Heather E - Hot DAMN. Seriously? This is perfection. And I am so in love with that bridesmaid photograph.

  • Veronica Varos - Stunning set of images! Good lord!

  • naomi - seamless work, ed.

  • Kris - Lasers.

  • Sam - Seriously, brilliant work Ed. I just absolutely adore your view on the world.

  • Ross - Super duper my friend!

  • Jessie - Beautiful. Your portraits are amazing as always. I really love the pictures in the heart shaped mirror!

  • Yolandé Marx - Great work! I love the photograph at the reception of her touching his arm. Gorgeous!

  • Tim Bishop - loving your use of the 24mm to tell the story Ed, it’s a talent!

  • Brett - Dude, really? Insane. Your talent is just insane.

  • Jack Chauvel - Fantastic work as usual Ed 🙂

  • David Jenkins - Still incredible. Love these Ed.

  • d - Love the early black and white of the bride through the door frame putting on her shoe, gorgeous.

  • Girish - Beautiful pictures Ed! always good to see your work.

  • Paula O'Hara - Super work Ed.

  • Alice - Sunny, happy photos. Lovely work, Ed.

  • Bart - Too good! As always 🙂

  • Bart - Too good Ed! As always 🙂

  • Kierstin - NAILED IT!!

  • Benoit - Amazing work. Yours talents is great. thanks Ed for this dream.

  • dylan - compositions bro. this is nuts work.

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  • Kristian Leven - Dude. MEGA.

  • Michal - Oh wow Ed! yet another stunning set of images. Keep travelling!

  • Arek - Really great set! Congratulations!

  • Rik Pennington - Killer work from start to finish and awesome story telling.

  • Albert - Really great compositions at the bride and groom’s houses! Beautiful wedding and beautiful shots. Love it!

  • Carmen Maria Luis - Awesome this wedding, love me, especially when the couple is in the forest. The photographs express a feeling of joy and are very emotional. Great job, congratulations. Greetings from Tenerife

  • Claire Penn - Absolutely stunning Ed.

  • Adam - Epic!

  • Paul Richards - Wow, this is the first time I have stumbled upon your work and I am very impressed. You have a wonderful sense of composition and framing.

  • Jonas Karlsson - amazing, love the earthy tones 🙂

  • Jason Rodgers - great blog

  • lukas - Amazing work

  • PIXIPfoto - Edpeers Guys did their job and quite nicely. Shapes, Mood, colour, timing, framing everything is more than just perfect we must say.
    All the best!

  • Mark Pool - Stunning, these are fab photographs.

  • Mark Byron Dowie - Amazing wedding photographs. The mirror shots and the shots through the door are epic.

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