Valentine + Alexis | Cap Ferret, France

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Living in Paris, Valentine & Alexis headed south to wed along the incredible coastline of Cap Ferret, where Alexis grew up. Describing in words experiences and story has never been a forte of mine, but I hope these photographs go some way to show just how awesome this celebration was…

This year has been a discovery of new parts of France for me – an incredible country full of incredible people.

  • Andreas - As always, incredibly beautiful !

  • Mike - #jealous stunning work and killer wedding!

  • Pretty days - Amazing work Ed 🙂

  • alice mahran - Oh my stunning!

  • Jennifer Moher - Wow. Ed. Amazing work!

  • Emilie - Oh this wedding is perfect, and that dress! I want to get married again… but on the beach! And I keep the same husband and the same photographer! Good job, Ed!!

  • María - I love your work, beautiful pics!

  • mauronster - wonderful work!!! 🙂 you are great!

  • Luke Hayden - Fantastic post Ed!

  • Jeremias Santochi - Amazing ed, loved the party and couple session! big hug from argentina!

  • Jakub Majewski - Touching story, beautifully told by you, Ed

  • Mark Trela - There so much warmth in these images. I love it 🙂

  • Dragos - beautiful!

  • Kenucho - This is a breathtaking work Ed! You are a Jedi in weddings haha.

  • nirav patel - Beautifully done brother.

  • Neale James - This really is spectacularly good work Ed – thoroughly enjoy the scale you incorporate in your imagery, from the stunning scenery and architecture down to the small, thoughtful details of the day. Your portraiture is exceptionally beautiful too, and I’m sure you’ve made a couple of newlyweds very, very happy!

  • Steve Fuller - Beautiful work Ed!

  • Matthew Long - Stunning Ed, as ever. The details you see give your wedding sets atmosphere.

  • Lucy - beautiful work Ed!

  • Gerry - Warm & loving. Just as your work always is.

  • Veronica Varos - Wow, what an utterly gorgeous couple, location, and perfect photos to match! Beautiful work.

  • Sarah Fyffe - whaow. That dress. Those photos.

  • jesus caballero - I have no words… again… <3

  • Fran - Nice colours, perfect wedding. Great job!

  • Radu Benjamin - STUNNING!

  • Jakob - Beautiful work, amigo.

  • Thomas - so good my friend. amazing scenery

  • Fulya - Wow! Stunning!!

  • Jamie Waters - Utterly Sublime.

  • Albert Palmer - Love the shot in front of the stained glass – winner!

  • Sergio Rojas - An impressive work!A greeting.

  • damian burcher - Beautiful work. Love the early one of the bride leaning against the balcony looking out.

  • Jessica Schilling - Everything about this wedding is stunning! The couple, the church and locations, the scenery, and how all of it was captured!

  • Alyssa Schroeder - Stunning photography. Love the really emotional ones with tears after the ceremony.

  • Rachael - Absolutely stunning!

  • luis - Una boda perfecta

  • Mercedes - Incredibly beautiful! Lovely, lovely wedding.

  • Mercedes - Incredibly beautiful! Lovely, lovely wedding.

  • Pedro Bellido - amazing story with an amazing light, just perfect!

  • Geoff - so, so good.

  • Voyteck - what an amazing wedding perfectly captured! wow

  • Jakub - So good!

  • Genevieve ( Miss Gen ) - Beautiful work as always Ed. Love the laid back style of this beachy wedding x

  • if photographers - E S P E C T A C U L A R

  • Eric Ronald - Beautiful, beautiful images. Amazing storytelling and the portrait session is just killer.

  • Linus - Stunning set Ed & what a belter in front of the stained glass!

  • bryan - Gorgeous photos. Love especially the portraits of them by the water.

  • Tyler - all the pretty, my friend. well done.

  • Dom - Love them Ed, that signing of the registry shot really caught my eye. 🙂

  • Aaron - Basically what everybody else is saying… Beautiful! The coverage is so comprehensive / you shoot every detail and document every moment with passion and it shows. And ‘that’ light! Amazing work Ed

  • naomi - timeless.

  • Ari - 50mm ART in these?

    Looks so much better than the F/1.2L bokeh, or I’m just crazy.

  • edpeers - Ari: this was all shot on just a 24L and 50L – that particular image was the 50L @f/1.2.

  • Tomasz Wagner - Ed—always killin’ it. This is art, my friend.

  • Jane & Tony Iskra - It’s such a nice shoot!
    Love it much!

  • Fotograf ślubny Lublin - Love your style Edd.

  • Luke - Ed, your work is insane. Beautiful wedding, awesome tones and such masterful storytelling!

  • Sachin Khona - Dude. Unbelievable. As always.

  • Anne & Björn - We really love your photos and the feeling you capture. A stunning wedding full of love!!!

  • Fotograf Gdańsk - Extraordinary! Lovely place and happy couple. Perfect for me! 🙂

  • Olivier - Always a pleasure to check in on your work Ed

  • Neil Palmer - Amazing stuff Ed. What great light you had to work with. Wish we had that here in the UK !

  • Vladimir Polansky - Nice, nice, nice! Just no words! This is super!!!

  • Rose - Awesome Job Ed!

  • Fotograf ślubny Lublin - amazing story with an amazing light, just perfect ;-))

  • Adams Photo Art Photography - Great work, fresh set of frames. The light is really brilliant! I second Neil here.

  • sabir - Really great use of light and angle in the photographs.

  • Ivo - Love it bro!

  • Patricia Corbellego - Well, French weddings love you too!
    Happy you get to discover nice parts of France, rural, costy!

  • Hardy - Hi there!
    Amazing pics! Great work! Could you tell me if this place can be rented or it is a private property?
    Thanks !

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