Haj + Andrew | Cape Town, South Africa

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  • Paul Underhill - Beautiful work Ed, amazing story and what a wonderful wedding!

  • Voyteck - wow, speechless.

  • Pedro - Dang, Ed. Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding beautifully captured. The landscapes are amazing and everything is spot on. If you ever need an assistant, just let me know! 🙂


  • daniel - well this is disgustingly awesome! 10/10

  • Andreas - Ridiculously good my friend!

  • Jakub - Wow!

  • Dragos - speechless.

  • Jon S6 - Jealous Ed, definitely f**$*@£ jealous. Top stuff 🙂

  • Ben - Unbelievable.

  • Elsa - Rose Fushia Photographie - WOWWW what an amazing report Ed, incredible wedding !

  • Igor Demba - You my friend, are a monster!!!

  • Steve Fuller - Stunning work Ed! Love that shot of them on the lake at dusk with the water ripples, sublime!

  • Renske - Stunning!!! <3

  • Meredith - wow….this is absolutely stunning. amazing work, you’re so talented!!!!!!!

  • Paul - Absolutely incredible Mr P. Love it!!!

  • Neda Lahrodi - Nice to see this, was amazing watching slide with H&A at the workshop. Really cool

  • Rob - Glorious! Amazing job dude. So much awesome light, scenery, emotion, moments. Loved every frame.

  • Mark Trela - Wow! What a magnificent story my friend! And that wide angle silhouette, row boat shot … epic!

  • Thierry Joubert - Love it Dude, amazing work my friend

  • Genevieve ( Miss Gen ) - Seriously stunning work Ed. Amazing wedding venue!!

  • Tracey - Wow, just amazing Ed!!

  • Alex Miller - Simply superb Ed – the bees knees! So good to see you, Haj & Andrew making more magic the other week too, I had an awesome time.

  • Monica Justesen - Absolutely phenomenal!!! Such beautiful work, always!

  • andy wardle - ace Ed.

  • Jose Luis Santos - Espectacular!

  • Sachin Khona - The world is a beautiful place. This is unreal.
    What a place to get married.

  • Peter Ghobrial - These are probably THE best wedding photos I have ever seen. Totally unreal. It was awesome meeting you with Haj + Andrew on your workshop earlier this month. Stay I spired!Stay inspired and keep inspiring!

  • nirav - Beautifully done my friend.

  • Anne-Claire - Oh my. This just has EVERYTHING. You did a beautiful work there!

  • Brano - Perfect!

  • Benjamin Wheeler - Stunning work as ever Ed. An artist in your own right, landscapes are absolutely outstanding.

  • Luz Neutra - Wow! Amazing

  • Reyes - Wonderful pictures, congratulations!

  • phoebe - wow! these photos are AMAZING! what a stunning wedding! 🙂

  • emma - This is gorgeous <3

  • Kris - Awesome. As always.

  • Bhav - Everything about this wedding is lush Ed, beautifully captured xxx

  • Story of Eve - Incredible storytelling Ed – this is really beautiful. Looking forward to filming alongside you at a wedding here in Ireland soon.

  • Mauricio - It’s one of those posts man, one of those posts. These pics will just keep floating on my mind for some time. I just know it… Great job!

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  • Girish Joshi - Beautiful pictures, Ed!

  • Carmen Leiva - A spectacular wedding, love the place, lighting sunset, detail is perfect, you’re a great example to follow 🙂

  • Petar - amazing dude!

  • Jorge Márquez - Amazing! Love the light of Africa!

  • jesus caballero - Poet and whimsical, good Ed, just that…

  • Brian Davis - Daaamn. This wedding is amazeballs. Love your approach, tones, and colors.

  • Jose Luis Santos - Beautiful pictures, Amazing!

  • Fotograf Brasov - Superb photography. I like how you positioned both of them, the color and contrast. Nice image composition. Congratulations, great photos!

  • Fotograf ślubny Lublin - Wow… wow Ed.

  • Roland - Wow Ed…love this post!! As always fantastic pictures ;-). Enjoyed the workshop with you in Lodon a lot. Send you greetings from Vienna! Roland & Dani

  • Magda W - Absolutely stunning work Ed. I really like it.

  • Hannah - HOLY COW MAN. This is annoyingly PERFECT. Amazing.

  • Justin Vasquez - Yes Yes Yes! So Gooood!

  • Becky brown - These images are absolutely stunning! This is my dream wedding!

  • Bröllopsfotograf Växjö - Wow Ed! So vibrant!

  • naomi - oh right, they actually got married on top of the world. this is some of your best work, imho. incredible.

  • Óscar Suárez - WOW! Amazing!

  • Mark Dowie - Simply Amazing photographs. I was born in Cape Town and have recently been thinking about returning and I think you’ve just made my mind up. The mountain photographs are simply breath taking.

  • Siri Jones - this is so unbelievably beautiful. really lovely work.

  • The Official Photographers - What a stunning location captured so well EPIC

  • Anne & Björn - Ed, we absolutely love your work!!! This coverage is a dream!

  • Michal - Absolutely stunning images! As always 🙂

  • Eric Rene Penoy - Amazing, I have to shoot a wedding in Cape Town and even if I would never be in that level I can appreciate the amazing result of your work. So inspiring so thank you so much for that and for sharing such wonderful talent

  • Dan Muresan - Congratulations for the amazing work that you do. Great venue and a great talent for capturing images that tell such stories. Really an inspiration for many others!

  • ivo - Wow mate! This is incredibly beautiful.

  • Ash Springle - Unreal man – so so so SO good!!

  • Julia Sirgious - This is beyond amazing. Never seen pictures like those before!
    you are definitely gifted and blessed. WOW!❤️

  • Chiara - Always perfect! Vibrant and real!

  • Santi Veiga - Maravilloso trabajo. Inspirador. Agradecido por mostrar el camino.

  • Francis felipe - Estupendo trabajo Ed. Un placer poder apreciarlo.

  • Monika - Amazing pics, great work as always!!

  • Monika - Just WOW! This wedding is absolutely stunning. Really beautiful and inspiring photographs. Well done!

  • Jay Rowden - I am a little bit in love with you Ed! Incredible collection of images and that grade. Wow man. You’re too good.

  • Trent Daft - Amazing work Ed, this is beautifully captured.

  • Photography by Tarik - Great blog post, and really beautiful location.

  • leah - greatest wedding of all time. so magical. LOVE these guys. fantastic work ed!

  • davide gaudenzi - Hello Ed, i love this wedding and your work in general!
    your photos really stands out from other wedding photographers all around the world !
    Cheers from Italy

  • Mark Byron Dowie - Stunning work. Truly epic photographs.

  • Braden - Wow, what an amazing place, you really captured the moment.

  • Fotograf Ostrów Mazowiecka - Amazing pics!

  • Joaquín - Awesome images… full of emotion <3
    Love them.

  • Lee - Gees Ed! Truly lovely work! A great blend of moments and light and action!

  • Lee Allison - Amazing work Ed! Love the colours.

  • Supersoar - Beautiful photos, love your sharing so much!

  • David Robertson - um… WOAH

  • Greg Coltman - Amazing. You can feel the warm evening air from these shots.

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