Sigrid & Ben | Byron Bay, Australia

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Londoners Sigrid & Ben headed back to the setting of Sigrid’s childhood and had their wedding at the Fig Tree Restaurant in Byron Bay, Australia. The most perfect setting for an incredible celebration – when it all ends up in a swimming pool you know it’s been a good party.

There’s something very special when friends and families from opposite corners of the globe come together and get along like a house on fire. Even more so when you’re let in to be a part of it. Thank you guys for having me along!

Pretty Days - Ed… Always the same words about your work… AMAZING pictures…

Dragos - Perfect. That’s it.

Mark Pacura - Absolutely beautiful..But then, come on, it’s Ed Peers :-)

Albert Rué - Beautiful pictures, wedding and location. Amazing work Ed.

Jakub - Nailed it, Ed! Beautiful work.

Manel Tamayo - Great work Ed!!!

Craig and kate - Insane! U really are the next level man!
Every frame!! really every frame…. is killer! =)

Sharon Ryan - Thanks Ed for your wonderful work & being part of our family for a few days. You captured Sig & Ben’s special moments perfectly.

Manasvi - Simply stunning! Amazing work!

Suso Rivas - I always love your pics!

Emmie Scott - Seriously gorgeous imagery.

Paige Jones - Looks like such a fun wedding! And you captured it beautifully, naturally :-)

Alejandro Bergado - Great work Ed, congrats from Spain!

shelly - Beautifully emotive stuff there Ed. Gorgeous.

Tania - Beautiful shots in my mist favorite place in the world…

Gonzalo Moreno - Boy, what a pleasure watching this wedding. You did an amazing work! Congrats!

Jakob - So good, buddy. So good.

Fulya - Wow! Absolutely amazing!

Iiro Rautiainen - Whoa, perfect work Ed.

Alex Miller - Loving this Ed!!

Sachin Khona - Masterpiece.

Heather E - Hot DAMN. Seriously? This is perfection. And I am so in love with that bridesmaid photograph.

Veronica Varos - Stunning set of images! Good lord!

naomi - seamless work, ed.

Kris - Lasers.

Sam - Seriously, brilliant work Ed. I just absolutely adore your view on the world.

Ross - Super duper my friend!

Jessie - Beautiful. Your portraits are amazing as always. I really love the pictures in the heart shaped mirror!

Yolandé Marx - Great work! I love the photograph at the reception of her touching his arm. Gorgeous!

Tim Bishop - loving your use of the 24mm to tell the story Ed, it’s a talent!

Brett - Dude, really? Insane. Your talent is just insane.

Jack Chauvel - Fantastic work as usual Ed :)

David Jenkins - Still incredible. Love these Ed.

d - Love the early black and white of the bride through the door frame putting on her shoe, gorgeous.

Girish - Beautiful pictures Ed! always good to see your work.

Paula O'Hara - Super work Ed.

Alice - Sunny, happy photos. Lovely work, Ed.

Bart - Too good! As always :)

Bart - Too good Ed! As always :)

Kierstin - NAILED IT!!

Benoit - Amazing work. Yours talents is great. thanks Ed for this dream.

dylan - compositions bro. this is nuts work.

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Kristian Leven - Dude. MEGA.

Michal - Oh wow Ed! yet another stunning set of images. Keep travelling!

Arek - Really great set! Congratulations!

Rik Pennington - Killer work from start to finish and awesome story telling.

Albert - Really great compositions at the bride and groom’s houses! Beautiful wedding and beautiful shots. Love it!

Carmen Maria Luis - Awesome this wedding, love me, especially when the couple is in the forest. The photographs express a feeling of joy and are very emotional. Great job, congratulations. Greetings from Tenerife

Claire Penn - Absolutely stunning Ed.

Adam - Epic!

Paul Richards - Wow, this is the first time I have stumbled upon your work and I am very impressed. You have a wonderful sense of composition and framing.

Jonas Karlsson - amazing, love the earthy tones :)

Jason Rodgers - great blog

Sam + Cristina | London Portraits

Ace Hotel LondonCreative Photographer LondonCreative Photographer Londoncristina_sam_london_05Creative Photographer Londoncristina_sam_london_07Ace Hotel LondonAce Hotel PortraitsCreative Photographer LondonCreative Photographer LondonCreative Photographer LondonAce Hotel PortraitsAce Hotel LondonAce Hotel Portraitscristina_sam_london_17cristina_sam_london_18East London PortraitsAce Hotel Londoncristina_sam_london_21Ace Hotel PortraitsAce Hotel LondonAce Hotel LondonCreative Photographer LondonEast London Portraitscristina_sam_london_28cristina_sam_london_29Ace Hotel Londoncristina_sam_london_31Creative Photographer LondonAce Hotel PortraitsAce Hotel Londoncristina_sam_london_36cristina_sam_london_37Creative Photographer LondonEast London PortraitsCreative Photographer LondonCreative Photographer LondonCreative Photographer LondonLondon Engagement PhotographerLondon Engagement PhotographerAce Hotel Londoncristina_sam_london_48Ace Hotel LondonEast London PortraitsShoreditch PortraitsShoreditch PortraitsShoreditch PortraitsShoreditch PortraitsLondon Engagement Photographercristina_sam_london_57Shoreditch PortraitsCreative Photographer LondonShoreditch Portraitscristina_sam_london_61Creative Photographer Londoncristina_sam_london_63East London Portraitscristina_sam_london_66cristina_sam_london_67cristina_sam_london_68cristina_sam_london_69Creative Photographer LondonLondon Engagement PhotographerLondon Engagement PhotographerLondon Engagement PhotographerLondon Engagement Photographercristina_sam_london_78cristina_sam_london_79cristina_sam_london_80Shoreditch PortraitsAce Hotel LondonAce Hotel LondonShoreditch PortraitsShoreditch Portraits

Sam & Cristina. An afternoon spent with these two special Spaniards on their recent visit to London.

I have the privilege of travelling to many far away places to take peoples photos with my camera; places with white sandy beaches, tropical climates and beautiful landscapes. And I love it. However, travelling also reminds you just how good home is. In fact I’ve realised I haven’t even scratched the surface of London and I’m on a mission to rediscover it.

On this wet afternoon we met at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch and then got lost together in search of good light and interesting nooks and crannies in this great city. I hope you enjoy the adventure.

Jesús Caballero - man, always your love stories….. nothing like home! I love this city! —–> touch!

Pretty Days - No words Ed… <3

Vikki Tyrrell - Just stunning!

naomi - really incredible work with these, ed, so wonderful.

Rob - Awesome work dude!

Hannah - love everything about this shoot! You certainly found some ace nooks and crannies!

Jack Chauvel - Killer set there Ed.

damian burcher - Radiohead, vinyl records, acoustic guitar, G chords and having your photo taken by Ed Peers. Doesn’t get any better than that. Altough it would have been a little better if he was nailing a barre chord!!

Barry - Fantastic story telling, great job.

Piotr - An interesting original session

Juan Carlos Cabral - Congratulations Ed Peers, I know your work a few years ago, but photographed to see someone I know is surprising

SANTI VEIGA | life&emotions - Una pieza de coleccion. Una autentica maravilla. Un recuerdo unico con un gusto exquisito. Enhorabuena Ed

Antony Turner - Good set mate. Loving the shots taken in their apartment, really captures their personality.

Fabian Luque - Eyyy mi querido Sam… Os mando un abrazo grandísimo. Felicidades a Ed Peers por su gran trabajo una vez más!!!!

Tracey Hosey - Amazing photos and story telling Ed. So creative and inspiring!

Veronica Varos - Absolutely stunning! Nothing short of amazing.

oriana - It is a story what you have told us with your images…stunning work you have done!

Paul Underhill - Fabulous photo story and lovely portraits! Look forward to seeing more London location photography :)

Julianne - Amazing as usual! I love how intimate these portraits are, they’re so personal and I feel like I know the couple just from your images. So lovely!

Arek Kubiak - Great story, lovely set!

Mercedes - Really beautiful session. Very heartfelt and you certainly have a voice that comes through.

Michael - Ed, I don’t know how you do it, these are ridiculous.

Sam - I absolutely adore this session. I feel like I am there with the couple having a good time. Amazing work Mr. Peers.

Adonye Jaja - um really… just great man!

dennis - Ver very nice clicks man

dennis - Very very nice clicks Ed

Danny - Man I wish I had thought about doing a session with you while we are in London in a few weeks these are awesome man! Love your work.

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Lovely, romantic, intimate. I love this set.

Daniela Liska - Hermoso trabajo!!! Me encantó de principio a fin. Felicitaciones!!

caroline - oh man oh man you are something else mr. peers. also are they wearing Allsaints, because if yes, i bow to them. my favorite freaking brand of clothing. incredible set, sir.

Geoff - you rule.

chris prestidge - on fire ed – love !

Jon - sweet stuff Ed!

Luis Jurado - Precioso e inspirador trabajo. Increible

Yolandé Marx - This is ridiculous. How do you get so many amazing shots! Unreal!

andy wardle - beautiful Ed.

Becca Dilley - Well, s*&#. I can’t imagine there is a couple in the world who wouldn’t treasure a set of images like this – beautiful and natural feeling, in their world but elevated. This is a set that their grandkids are going to find in 2060 or whatever and just be amazed that their grandparents were young and in love and so beautiful. Really exceptional work, man.

Jamie Waters - Booooooth! Black and white shot love it!

Luke Chisholm - Ed, this session is nuts good. Just brilliant.

Jessie - Beautiful work as always. That first embrace on the bridge is my favorite.

nirav - yes…my friend! Yes!

Heather Elizabeth - This is something really, really special. One of the best engagements I’ve EVER seen. You killed it.

Jesse Pafundi - Absolutely masterful. I dont know what else to say.

Girish - Fantastic pictures Ed.

Jakub - Radiohead records and Martin guitars!

Alex - Beautiful story telling and flow.

Tyler - so great, dude.

Thomas - oh yeah! I love the intimacy that you captured between these two.

Jon Aleksander - Happy Wedding Films - Where do you find these couples? -amazed-

Alex Grant - Wicked set here Ed, always admiring your work.

Konrad Ciok - As always. Lovely.
Big fan,

Noelia - awesome pics! love it!

Pervaiz Shah - Photographers tend to take their local locations for granted in search of something new. These shots are proof – excellent and varied backdrops that provides an interesting collection of images for your customers

Albert Rué - Wow Ed, you nailed it on every shot! I’m amazed. Great work!

Alice @ Babb Photo - I love your use of negative space. Great work!

Simon Dewey Photography - I love the nighttime London shots. Great work

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