Soraya & Zahid | Micklefield Hall Wedding | London Wedding Photographer

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Wow. What a couple of days. My first Indian wedding and first time at Micklefield Hall and man, was it an experience…


Pedro Cardoso - Wonderful colors. Your images are truly something else.

You’re an inspiration, Ed. Thank you.

Jakub - Stunning work mr Peers!

Fotografo Bodas Murcia - Love the tones Ed, and the peace and quietness that your photos have.

Sachin Khona - Loving that first frame Ed! Beautiful!!

Orlando Gonzales - Love colors and amazing inspiration! Congratulations from Barcelona.

Simon - Wild flowers! Can’t wait to see more …

mike - Niiice work Ed. Looking forward to the rest.

Jon S6 - awesome dude! Indian wedding = another must for me

Scout - Mate!!!!!

Love these and can’t wait to see more…..MORE!!

Les portraits de Linou - Your work is so Marvellous !!! Thank you for this !!! Linou

Tyler - gosh dang.

Agnes - This is so beautiful and so overwhelming.

Ian - Beautiful imagery and the opening frame as mentioned above is the crown on this jewel.

alvaroserranosierra - so jealous! great images, ed!

Jess & Nate Portraits | Florence Wedding Photographer

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It’s always a pleasure and an honour to photograph other photographers, especially when they are as good as Jess & Nate. We had a blast hanging out and getting creative in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. A truly amazing city.

Good, good times.

Igor Demba - The internet just exploded! Such a solid and honest set of frames Ed. I’m proud of them and they’re not even mine ha.

Kirsten - SO good. Love these, Ed.

Steve Gerrard - Killed it!
Such variety and great compositions.

Helen Lisk - Your photography is so beautiful. Stunning set!

Foto Video Valencia - Really impressive Ed! Great mood!

luis mateus - so so great! love these shots, its a responsibility to shoot another photog, but you did perfectly

Carla - perfect example of how it should be a photo shoot in florence. fabulous portraits. I love it

Gerry - From the huge fan of you, I like the word honest for describing these portraits.

Anushe Low - Simply amazing Ed.

mike - Love the color tones in this, Ed. And Nate’s camera : D

Sylvia - Beautiful. Bravo !

Rich - Smashed it Ed. These are fantastic!! Great lines….Love it!

nirav - Dude… yes.

christian gideon - Ed! These are incredible!!!

Stephen Bunn - Stunning portraits… as ever!

David Jenkins - So good, the colour is so rich, warm and true. Great stuff Ed as always.

james readhead - Such an outstanding force in UK wedding photography. Keep raising the bar man. Inspired.

Jesse Pafundi - My goodness. This is how it’s done.

isaiah - these are unbelievable

geneoh - great day, great session.

Brian Furbush - This is just insanely good Ed – one of the best sessions I’ve seen, period.

mitch - Perfect. Epic. Legend.

Angela - Seriously stunning, AGAIN! Always look forward to your latest work.
Ricky Gevais looks cool in these pics too…

Yann Mignonet - What a wonderful session. Those two are just gorgeous together and they’re damn good actors with the photographer. And that shot in the café … just amazing !!

Cam - Wow Ed, what a location. Amazing stuff.

Linus Moran - Absolute perfect Ed, real stylish set of images totally inspiring!

Naomi Goggin - These are mindblowing. x

Jade Sheldon - Wow.

Each image is truly stunning. I just can’t get over those beautiful carved doors!

Javier Abad - Love it Ed!! Great set of images!!

Alex - Simply Stunning Ed! I’m booking a ticket to Florence as soon as I get chance! Beautiful work.

Cris Martin - Magnifico trabajo Ed, realmente bello, bello…Florencia una ciudad preciosa, tus imagenes son pura ternura, puro amor…inspiran.. GRAN TRABAJO, felicidades¡

Raúl P. Pellicer - Enhorabuena! muy buen trabajo. Maravillosas.

gee - inspirational stuff

Rik Pennington - Simply brilliant Ed. That’s all.

Britt Spring - So nice to meet you last night Ed. Such a talented person you are. Britt :)

Ian - These shots are a reminder for me of years gone past when shooting film was prevalent. The pose and the look and the compositions playing the most important part. Absolutely brilliant work.

Boris - Great session Ed. I really like it.

Martin - very mood and nice set Ed!

alvaroserranosierra - what a lot of great images!

sarah gawler - wow! So stunning..

Wedding Photography Melbourne - Oh wow I looooove this. Such a strong sense of place.