Adam & Anna | London Engagement Photographer

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Tomorrow Anna & Adam get married at Henley-on-Thames and it’s going to be awesome.

Earlier this week I joined them on a walk at Grey’s Court to hang out and take some photographs and it was good…


Anushe Low - Beautiful. Love the one through the branches, so cool!

Pedro Cardoso - Oh man! Oh man!
I love it. I love their single portraits – awesome.

Cheers! And have fun at their wedding tomorrow :)


luis mateus - love the light and the location! have a nice weekend :)

Jen Owens - Beautiful. The way you’ve used the light, amazing.

Seth - Can you do any wrong? This is so very good.

Agnes - This is so good, I dont even know what to say! So beautiful, inspirational and warm. Love it very very much.

mike - #24 is amazing, Ed.

tim - holy crap! beautiful work Ed

Natasha Thompson - ok, how do you do it, sir? :) so truthful and so unpretended..

Joiner - You really are the man!
Beautiful shots, really beautiful!

Monique - what a wonderful story…

Jean-laurent - Lovely !!!

Emilie - How peaceful is this session! I love their shoes! :)

Eduardo Suastegui - Lovely session. Like your use of lighting. Nice PP too.

Sachin - That first frame is too effin good!

Andy Gaines - Great work as ever Ed.

pen - Wow, Ed – you just keep getting better and better! LOVED this shoot. The light.. the couple.. the emotion. Gorgeous.

Javier Abad - Cool session Ed…wonderful shots!!

pierre - you don’t know it, but i m your BEST FAN !!!!!!! :)
super session !

Jesse Pafundi - Awesome awesome awesome. First frame is a winner.

lycka. « Sara Pettersson - [...] jag ser sånt här så vill jag bara ta upp kameran och fota allt det fina som finns omkring mig.Jag älskar att bli [...]

Matt Ethan - I’m sorry dude, but these are brilliant. That first one is unreal. Looking forward to seeing you at Matt and Alexa’s!

Four from Yesterday | Florence Wedding Photographer

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Had an unbelievable time exploring Florence yesterday with new friends and incredible photographers Jess & Nate. I cannot wait to share the rest.

You guys are awesome. Enjoy the rest of your European adventure…


joanna brown - I die…… look at those tones and light… gorgeous Mr x

Igor Demba - Wowsa! These are a treat Ed, truly beautiful.

tom bramwell - My word…what a location!

cinzia bruschini - Amazing pictures Ed! These pictures seem painting!

Natasha Thompson - the photos feel out of this world..

Anushe Low - Stunning Ed.

mike - Ace work, Ed.

Andy Gaines - Serene work my friend! …There are worse places as a backdrop!

Ed Osborn - Great work, Ed.

Daniel - Love your high angle portraits ¡ First image is wonderfull ¡

Kathryn - Gorgeous, as always – can’t wait to see the rest!

Jon Reid - I wonder how many people have jumped over the bridge onto that platform to pose for pictures – it seems made specifically for photography…great work mate.

WhiteDressPhoto Jesús Caballero - beautiful light!!! great moments!!!! Nice!!!

coler - uhhh…………… yeah. my lord.

Marcos Sánchez - Niiiiice!

Simon - amazing location, amazing photographer … clearly amazing couple :-)

Wesley Nulens - Your world is beautiful in color.