India & Mark [Hampshire Winter Wedding]

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India & Mark are such an amazing couple and their wedding was simply brilliant…

Such an awesome group of friends and family and the bonus of a nice Jag. There’s nothing I would’ve rather of done on this nippy day in Hampshire than document it for them.


Stephen Bunn - Great work Ed… looks like a fun wedding to shoot

Rik Pennington - Ridiculous. Fantastic story telling, Mr P. Love the shot of mum looking at the bride getting ready.

Steve Gerrard - Magic! Great moments and love the toning.

Tamara Kuzminski - Fabulous. Really lovely images.

Dominique Shaw - I love the way you see the world Ed, just beautiful.

Scout - this train don’t stop.

Cam - Mate, honestly, brilliant….

Jon S6 - dude you had a first look too! Just did my first, such a great experience

mike - Beautiful work, Ed.

pen - It’s always a pleasure to see a new blog post from you, and I’m excited I’ll have a full season to look forward to :) Love the first look. Awesome images (as always)

Richard Ware - Love this set mate. Some really great images….Love the speech shot with the B&G looking in different directions! GREAT WORK!!!

Dasha - Great work, Ed! Love your compositions))

Matt Tyler - Inspiring set of photos Ed. Absolutely beautiful work. Raising the bar time after time.

Emma Jane - Magical Winter wedding, lovely work and story telling!

Martin Price - Fabulous work, inspirational!

Sachin Khona - Dude .. beautiful documentation & storytelling. Loving this! :)

Luis Mateus - Just perfect! great story !

Andreas Holm - Dude, incredible work!

WhiteDressPhoto Jesús Caballero - incredible work ed!!! I am fascinated with your histories….. always!!! see you soon, sure!!!

David de Biasí - I love the way you see!! great work, just beautiful!!

Jesse Pafundi - Speechless. Some of the finest photography work Ive seen to date. Just incredible, Ed.

steven - really beautiful work Ed. Loved looking through these images.

Matt Stanton - Simply beautiful. I love the montage at the start too.

Sam Gibson - Such good story-telling. Loved the blindfolded first look and basically all the shots from the woods are just gorgeous. Top work, as ever!

Albert Palmer - Striking portrait of India in front of the window. Perfecto.

Anton Chia - You robbed my breath with the awesome photos. And I am loving that smiling shoes shot with white rosy eyes and gold eyebrows.

dan - pretty stunning set, love the crowdsurfing shot, the reception looks like it was a blast!

Kyle - Nice, Ed! This is some awesome storytelling!

Avelaine - Wow! Gorgeous photos – your processing is to die for.

Eduardo Suastegui - You had some really nice lighting and made great use of it. I love the feel of all this set of photos. They tell a beautiful story.

David Jenkins - All on the emotion, simple and beautiful, I love it.

Agnes - I ADORE your style.

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Josh & Chloe [Wedding]


Josh & Chloe – and amazing couple and an incredible wedding. Man, what an awesome party…

Expressions in the last few frames say it all.


David Jenkins - Dreamy as ever Ed!

Jakub - Fantastic work mr Peers!

mike - Love the shots of them kissing between the trees!

Al Palmer - What a great bunch of people. I particularly like the photo of the chap singing – some great characters in there.

Elin Ivemo Photography - This is SOOO good!

Lisa Dawn - Love the sun and shade in the shot as the couple are walking out of the ceremony. Beautiful collection!

tobiah tayo - Wonderful Ed! So many great frames!

Dominique - Great images as always Ed! Really enjoyed looking through these.

fer juaristi - Subtle & powerful at the same time, love it my friend.

Amma // Beyond Beyond - Gorgeous… loads of lovely shots, maybe it is the beer lover in me but I like the wording in the second picture ‘If I had my life to live over, I’d live over a pub!’ – made me smile!

Dasha - Beautifully captured, Ed! Love the story))

Brian - Beautifully done. Love your style. Great job capturing some key moments.

john day - magic :)

Stephen Bunn - Great work as usual… strong storytelling

Alex Miller - Lovin’ it. All of it.

Brian Furbush - Ed these are stunning – absolutely love these.

Rik Pennington - Awesome work Ed.

luis Mateus - What an amazing work! a great story

Marianne Taylor - Difficult dapple sunlight + you = awesomeness. Also, I adore Northbrook Park so this was a special treat!

Marko&Katri Photography - Great moments full of emotion – as always. Loved the shot of some guests checking out photos on their Nikon while the ceremony (at least it seems like they’re doing so). :)

Blanca Martínez - Wonderful!!!

Andy Gaines - Great work as always Ed! Always look forward to your posts.

Jakub Majewski - Awesome story full of love and inspiring photographs Ed :-)

Andreas - as always Peers, beautiful work!

Jon S6 - A beauty dude! Love a good Jewish wedding for action

rafa ramirez - Increible que gran trabajo.


Antony - Ed is a genius at work – great collection of shots

Javier Abad - Good work Ed!!! Keep pushing!!

rahul - dude…your work is killer bro!! i love it all…!

Fernando Berani - Wonderful work. Congrats.

nirav - You are a machine my friend. Keep pumping out that beautiful imagery man.

Jesse Pafundi - So fresh and so clean. Stellar.

Simon - What an amazing night it looked like! Love the groom on #95 and #96.

Murray Clarke - Surrey Wedding Photographer - I love the grade on these photos and the natural moments captured!