Every Wedding is an Adventure Workshop + The Hoffman’s

Wedding photography workshop


Last month I got together with my talented friend Nirav Patel to hold our first Every Wedding is an Adventure workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area. The workshop theme was about building a successful wedding photography business around you and the things you’re passionate about. We wanted to create something that felt less classroom and more organic – more adventure.

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It was an incredible time and myself and Nirav left just as inspired as everyone else. You can read what some of the attendees  had to say about the experience here, herehere, here and here.

So we’ve decided we’d love to put on another – this time across the pond in Europe. We’re looking at Wednesday 16 July this summer somewhere along the shores of Lake Como, Italy – a central location easily accessible from Milan. We know this will be bang in the middle of wedding season for many, so at this point we’d like to put the feelers out and make sure there’d be enough people interested who can make it.

If you’re keen then let us know either by comment on this post, or Facebook, or email. If there’s enough interest then we’ll make it happen and post the details shortly.

Back to the first workshop: here are a few images from the day. A big high five to The Hoffman’s for attending and letting us take their photographs and thanks again to all the attendees that made this a very special time.

We love you all.

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JL - I miss first one in SF I want to be a part of this one. Why not doing from Tuesday to Thursday? As most of us are wedding photographer it could be easier in a matter of timeline, don’t you think?

edpeers - Thanks for the feedback JL. We’d love to have you this time round. Yes, just to confirm, 16 July is a Wednesday…

Suso Rivas - Lucky people in the workshop! I can tell it´s great, I was with you in Malaga, Spain. Amazing photos as ever!!!

Thomas Steibl - Wohooo. Oh yeah it’s in the middle of the wedding season, but there is no way I want to miss that with you guys. Count me and my girlfriend in!

Pretty Days - Perfect moment of sharing Ed :)

Malin Huusmann - I can’t come this time. But if you are doing it again later, count me in!

And by the way: Amazing pictures! As always.

Romain - This is a very pretty WS in SF ! This is different as we can usualy see there ! I’d love to follow you a day. Italy will be such a nice opportunity !

Courtney - Original workshop concept. Looks like a dream to experience.

Jessie Mary - It looks like so much fun, and what gorgeous photos!

tim riddick - geez… this looks awesome.. i really wish i would have know that two super heroes where tag teaming a workshop…. great stuff

Brittany - Absolutely amazing. Must have been a wonderful experience.

Girish - Fantastic. Great pictures, looks like lot of fun :)

small - What a fun workshop! Beautiful location!

jolie - oh! i would love to be on board for this workshop!!

Damian Burcher - Love the early one with the reflection and also the footprints in the sand.

Tara - I would love to hear more about the Italy workshop!!

Sjoerd Booij - Looks like a great thing you guys and girls had going there! I would be very interested in the next workshop in Italy! :)

Brett Alton - When on earth are you doing this again!?

stefanie - I would love to come! Next time when you’re closer

Rachelle - Great work! This looks like an amazing experience.

anna - Very interested in a workshop in Italy!

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - The portraits are just lovely!

David Campbell - Epic as always Ed. Come down under…

Matt - Nice job dude!

Andraz Gregoric - You are awesome, Ed. Amazing photos!

lisa lacroix - I am in love with this workshop and the images you captured! It makes me want to travel!!

Sonia Jansson - Man! I would love to shoot on that beach! Magic!

Nick Evans - Looks like a pretty magical part of the world Ed. Love the way you capture the world through your light box.

Cole - You two are animals. Bet the workshop was killer.

Becca Dilley - Looks super fun, and beautiful images to boot!

Julia - When there’s more information on Italy, I’d love to get the details! Thanks!

Joseph Hall - Looks like it was a lot of fun and great images from the day – love the log suspended over the water!

David @ Married to My Camera - what an awesome landscape. It looks like you all had a great time.

Daniel - Great images ! I’m iterested about the Italy workshop, can you give me more details.

Frances Carlisle - Beautiful photos! Workshop sounds amazing, but Italy may be too far…

Tomasz Wagner - I so wish I could have made it out to this (and to the one at Lake Como). You lads are totally nailing it!

Jack Chauvel - Looks like a boatload of fun Ed + Nirav.

Fotograf Lublin - I like it, Lake Como is very nice location

John & Frances | San Francisco, California

John&Fran_wedding_001Pedro Point FirehouseJohn&Fran_wedding_005John&Fran_wedding_003John&Fran_wedding_004John&Fran_wedding_006Pacifica weddingJohn&Fran_wedding_008John&Fran_wedding_009Pacifica weddingJohn&Fran_wedding_011John&Fran_wedding_012John&Fran_wedding_013John&Fran_wedding_015John&Fran_wedding_016John&Fran_wedding_017John&Fran_wedding_018John&Fran_wedding_019John&Fran_wedding_020John&Fran_wedding_021John&Fran_wedding_022John&Fran_wedding_023San Francisco Wedding photographerOld St HilaryJohn&Fran_wedding_026John&Fran_wedding_027Old St HilaryJohn&Fran_wedding_029John&Fran_wedding_030John&Fran_wedding_031John&Fran_wedding_032San Francisco Wedding photographerSan Francisco Wedding photographerOld St HilarySan Francisco Wedding photographerJohn&Fran_wedding_037John & FrancesJohn&Fran_wedding_039Old St HilaryTwin Peaks weddingJohn&Fran_wedding_042San Francisco Wedding photographerJohn&Fran_wedding_044Twin Peaks weddingOld St HilaryJohn&Fran_wedding_047Old St HilaryJohn&Fran_wedding_049San Francisco Wedding photographerJohn&Fran_wedding_051John&Fran_wedding_052John&Fran_wedding_053John&Fran_wedding_054John&Fran_wedding_055Old St HilaryJohn&Fran_wedding_057Old St HilaryOld St HilaryJohn&Fran_wedding_060John&Fran_wedding_061John&Fran_wedding_062John&Fran_wedding_063John&Fran_wedding_064John&Fran_wedding_065John&Fran_wedding_066John&Fran_wedding_067John&Fran_wedding_068John&Fran_wedding_069John&Fran_wedding_070John&Fran_wedding_071John&Fran_wedding_072John&Fran_wedding_073John&Fran_wedding_074Old St HilaryJohn&Fran_wedding_076John&Fran_wedding_078John&Fran_wedding_079John&Fran_wedding_080John&Fran_wedding_081John & Frances weddingJohn&Fran_wedding_083Old St HilaryJohn&Fran_wedding_085San Francisco Wedding photographerSan Francisco Wedding photographerJohn&Fran_wedding_088John&Fran_wedding_089John&Fran_wedding_090John&Fran_wedding_091San Francisco Wedding photographerJohn&Fran_wedding_093John&Fran_wedding_094San Francisco Wedding photographerPacifica weddingDestination wedding photographerJohn&Fran_wedding_098John&Fran_wedding_099John&Fran_wedding_100Pacifica weddingJohn&Fran_wedding_102John&Fran_wedding_103John&Fran_wedding_104Pedro Point FirehouseJohn&Fran_wedding_106John&Fran_wedding_107John&Fran_wedding_108John&Fran_wedding_109John&Fran_wedding_110John&Fran_wedding_111John&Fran_wedding_112John&Fran_wedding_113John&Fran_wedding_114John&Fran_wedding_115John&Fran_wedding_116John&Fran_wedding_117Pedro Point FirehousePedro Point FirehousePedro Point Firehouse

I couldn’t think of a better way to end 2013 than to help my incredibly talented friend Nirav Patel document John & Frances’ wedding day.

These guys, their friends and their families are the warmest people you could hope to meet and their wedding day followed suit. The day started and ended in Pacifica, a quaint little surf town south of San Francisco, California. In between was a first look in Twin Peaks and a beautiful ceremony at Old St Hilary’s Church. Memories I’ll never forget.

 A big high five Nirav for having me along.

Carla Bonnet Photography - Amazing! Two masters in one wedding!

Pretty Days - Again and again the same comment… AMAZING Ed <3

Hamish Jordan - Great shots as usual Ed :)

Zosia - Oh wow! THIS is why I come here to kick start those visual cogs in my brain! Stunning.

Suso Rivas - Soooo beautiful!!

Alberto Sagrado - Great post!

Alex Miller - More Mr Peers magic. It’s as if amazing light and beauty follow you everywhere Ed!

Matt - Beuatiful bro!

Arnau Dalmases - Oh, if I got married again I want you two to document my wedding! Incredible shots!! Thanks for sharing Ed.

Mathias Cederholm - Really awesome.
You make a great team the two of you. :)

Nirav - Virtual hug and high fives my friend. Can’t wait to collaborate again!

Louie - San Fran awesomeness

Andreas Holm - So beautiful! What a wedding!

Nicola - Maaan, you kill it! Every. single. time. Unreal!. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding

Elissa - This is such totally beautiful coverage. I love the shots in the tunnel especially.

if photographers - Impresionante como siempre Ed Peers!!

Albert Palmer - Loving that Californian light. Top work Ed.

Alyssa Schroeder - I’m kinda speechless. I love the frame of them exiting the church showing the elegance of her dress and the portraits in/around the church are stunning too. Amazing work.

kong wai - So nice !! Stunning works

Jay - Love this set of images Ed. Beautiful mate

Johanna - I think I love everything about this wedding. That church is just unreal, and what a location! Great work, as always. <3

rahul - amazing mr peers….the location, light, details, emotions all captured perfectly!

Jakub Fabijanski - Incredible work gentlemen!

Amanda Basteen - SO much goodness in one post. As always. Brilliant work.

Heather Elizabeth - Oh HOT DAMN. That’s a good one. Freakin amazing.

Tomasz Wagner - Incredible, INCREDIBLE work as usual, Ed! The light during this entire wedding, but particularly in that church – unreal.

dan - oh my god. insanely beautiful.

Damian Burcher - Great tones. The one of the rusty car reminds me of an old Ernst Haas photo.

seth goodman - Wow these are amazing! I love the light in church and photos you made in there.

Joseph Hall - Really gorgeous photos – has to be one of the smiliest, happiest couples ever! Love the dog in the church too!

Dominique / York Place Studios - Stunning job Ed, always a pleasure :)

Kelly - Wow, Wow, WOW. Love this wedding. Gorgeous Ed xx

Levi Tijerina - So good, Ed.

Pedro Bellido - Brilliant Ed, congrats !

Jimmy & Sonya Bender - Amazing as usual! Love your over all colour, tone and story telling! Great work.

Jonas Karlsson - Wow thats gorgeous. Love the film look.

Adam Johnson - Ed, this is just exquisite.

Kasia - Love this wedding Ed! The photograph of bride and groom sat in the church backlit is my favourite! xxx

Fiona Reid - Incredible Shots. WOW.

Tim - Mate, love your work!

Cam Grove - Outstanding, stunning, incredible! Really love your shots of the groom getting ready, that part of the day is sometimes like getting blood out of a stone but you make it look effortless!

Kristopher - Amazing work! The compositions, lighting, and exposures all are executed perfectly. I love the story telling involved with this wedding, great stuff:-)

tom Ravenshear - Simply. Stunning. Ed.

David @ Married to My Camera - Fantastic all round coverage Ed, and so many great portraits of the happy couple.

gera juarez - great job, congrats!!!

Albert - This is great, Ed. I love the color grading.

fabian martinez - love them Ed! such a beautiful work!

Mathew - Incredible! I love the tones in the church!