Haj + Andrew | Cape Town | A Preview

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Cape Town, South Africa, these people, everything blew my mind. This was truly an experience I will never forget. Haj & Andrew are the most warm and caring people you’ll ever meet and my few days spent with them in South Africa was a true fairytale. Everything was perfect. Haj is also a very talented wedding photographer and it was such an honour to be asked to document their wedding celebrations.

I am bursting to share the full story with you, but for now I hope you enjoy this preview…

shelly - Ahhhhh once again, blummin awesome stuff buddy. Love that car shot at the end there.

Jakob - Dude…

Ben Murphy - dude… this is brutally good

Genevieve ( Miss Gen ) - Wow. Beautiful work Ed, absolutely stunning.

Rahul Khona - One word. STUNNING.

Inta - I can’t even imagine the full story! Wow wow wow!

PJ - f… this is unbelievable!

Suso Rivas - ufffff… soooo amazing

Gerry - I think it didn’t happened on this planet

Beat Mumenthaler - Great work – congrats!


Jon - art my friend

hajie - ed you’re pure genius! ridiculously talented photographer + such a legend. thank you!!!

Jack Chauvel - Incredible work Ed.

Asier - really fantastic!

Albert Rué - This is insanely beautiful, Ed. Amazing wedding and stunning places. Great work.

kong wai - It is super beautiful !!!

Anton Chia - Insane shots. This is insanely good!

Paige Jones - oh myyyy. these are incredible!

Juliet Mckee - Amazing. As always your work inspires me Ed.

Kirsten Mavric Photography - Stunning, Ed. What a location and what beautiful shots.

hugh - what?

MikeytheVee - After sitting and staring at these (especially the second image) for about 3 minutes the only response i could muster was “woah.”

nirav - Looking forward to this dude.

Steve Koo - The second frame – you killed it!

Sachin Khona - Dude.. this can’t be real life? Surely?
Incredible man.
You never cease to amaze.

Alan Langley - Wow – awesome, it looks like the set of an extravagant movie.

naomi - oh. my. word.

Dan O'Day - numb face, i have a numb face. love it all brother

Tom - Simply Amazing!

Alyssa Schroeder - This is just a preview? Wowwww. The silhouette shot is my favourite.

Matt - off. the. hook. #amazing #eyecandy #Sicklocation

Ruben Nunez - Monterey Wedding Photographers - These are awesome Ed! Love the “epicness” of the pullaway shots. A ton of them would look amazing displayed on huge wall art displays. One of my goals this year is to strive for more wide shots such as these. Can I ask, how wide of a lens do you typically use for shots these wide?

Jon Aleksander - Happy Wedding Films - as always, raised the standards!

Thomas Steibl - I honestly think that this is one of the best things anyone have done so far with a camera in this field of photography

Aaron - Ridiculous Ed, such amazing photography!

Kris Holland - Preview? You mean there’s more? Awesome.

Sergey Lapkovsky - This is stunning!

tim - so so beautiful

Paul Krol - Wow dude, seriously. Not only is this an amazing location..but you capture it so expertly. Kudos.

mona - Awesome and totally magical!

Arkadiusz Kubiak - Awesome set! Congratulation!

jenny - so so good! can’t wait to see more!

Yolande DV - Wow Ed, amazing captures of Cape Town and Haj’s wedding, can’t wait to see the full post!

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Jesús Caballero - OMG… another incredible wedding… so stunning work Ed!!! congrats!!!

Marko Marinkovic - Man, I can feel that jiggle in your chest while you were shooting this…that spark in your brain and that smile after the shutter clicks when you know you’ve created something awesome! And the editing is above any line! I love your work but this is extraordinary by any standards!

Brett McNally - Beautiful, just Beautiful :-)

Martin Turner - These are AMAZING. Blown away. Keep up the excellent work.

snappycreation-wedding photography in Bristol - Wow…what can I say.
Another amazing photographer which needs to be followed.

Jakub - Insanely good.

Roberto Da Silva - oh my god…amazing work!! congrats!

Darin Collison - Really quite seriously beautiful.

Naomi Kenton - No words, so so good x

Soumen Nath - Not mere clicks, your images are very artistic and so pleasing to the eyes.

Manasvi - Stunning! Your work is truly inspirational!

Sarah - Really stunning collection! Love your eye for light & moments.

Zosia - Whoa…that second frame….that kind of just made the visual part of my brain explosively happy!
Stunning work Mr. Peers!

Sergio Rojas - Stunning wedding! So beautiful…

Karolina - Stunning set of images, I love it Ed!

Pervaiz Shah Photography - I thought we had the most beautiful backdrops here in Cornwall for weddings; where you were in South Africa has so much variety that you have used in such a beautiful way.

David - Wow! Not your average wedding and definitely not your average photographer. Stunning images Ed!!

Rik Pennington - Beautifully done my friend!

Caroline - magnificent! makes me incredibly homesick.

Jennifer + Hugh | Surrey, UK

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Jennifer & Hugh are the real deal and here are some photographs taken on a super afternoon getting off the beaten track (and discovering a disused airfield) on a damp winters afternoon in Surrey, UK. Our time together was anything but damp – these guys create such an awesome energy. And it’s contagious.

They are also incredibly talented wedding photographers and you should so check out their work here and here. Thanks so much for the opportunity guys!

Thierry Joubert - Amazing colors, pictures and emotions Ed

Andreas - Stunning Ed!

Zoe - Ohh, these are so beautiful Ed.

I love seeing that connection between the couple, makes for sublimely beautiful, intimate feeling images, just love it x

Jim - cracking job

Jim - beauty boss

Tomasz - Beautiful !

Shane Jackson - Hi Ed

This is another amazing photo shoot ed. The way way you pose your couples is fantastic!

They look so natural :)

Barry - Lovely set of photographs there.

Boy Called Ben - Stop being so good!

Joseph Hall - Sweet shoot Ed, looks like fun. Love the indoor shots.. do more of they!

Kuba - I love that! Simple and beautiful

kong wai - It is so beautiful !! Lovely set

Sam - great set. lovely looking people :)

Antony R Turner - Incredible Ed! Your opening image sold it all to me!

Mamad - A lovely engagement shoot Ed. You are super talented and have managed to capture a great variety of shots from a single shoot. Brilliant.

Girish - They seem to be awesome :) full of energy.
Great pictures Ed.

if photographers - Que gran trabajo!!! Nos encanta!

Michal - Awesome pictures, awesome couple :)

MikeytheVee - Love this set Ed…and love these 2! Great job capturing them!

Romain - Ed, this session is really one of my fav ! Great colors and connection !

Inta - HIGH FIVE! :) Amazing work Mr Peers!

damian burcher - Great poses, love the interaction between them.

emma - This is so beautiful!

Gabby - What a gorgeous couple! Love the warm tones.

Daniela Liska - Me encantó,la frescura de ellos, los colores, el lugar.

Pedro Cabrera - Extraordinario, mucho ritmo, magia, frescura y mas…

Tim Kamppinen - You captured their relationship and emotion perfectly!

Joe - That forest is gorgeous! I loved the moody individual ones toward the end too. :)

Jesu - Perfect lovely! You’re so great…Excellent work.

Albert Palmer - SO many great frames…

PJ - Cool as always…

Thomas Steibl - awesome portraits man!

Bhavna - Gorgeous set of images Ed, really love the forest ones and the warmth to it. Awesome dude. x

Douglas Pettway - This session starts out as a 10 (out of 10) and then cranks up to 11 at the high five!

Janet Palmer - Oh love the colours, seriously awesome.

Elin - OMG, this is seriously the best couple session photos I’ve seen in a very long time!! Fantastic work. Right up my alley: Perfectly captured emotions, look so real and happy. Love the locations too… makes me long for Autumn leaves. Love when he finds the fallen tree… :) Wow, have to explore your whole website now…!

Fulya - Amazing photos!

Jessie - I love that last shot of them laughing! Beautiful session!

Rahul - Beautiful work as always bro!!! Stunning location too!

Matt - Fantastic as ever Ed, so beautiful.

Brett - These make my brain hurt and make my eyes feel so good.

Alan Langley - I love these the colours are just beautiful.

Fran EvenPic - Very inspirational moments in this session. Congrats.

Joe - Such an awesome field location! Looks like a really fun couple!

Jesús Caballero - fantastic sstory Ed, amazing cinematic…