Steve & Katie [Some Portraits]

creative wedding photographercreative wedding photographer londonDestination wedding photographer londondestination wedding photographer ukcreative reportage wedding photographer londoncreative documentary wedding photographer londoncreative wedding photographer surreycreative wedding photographer ukcreative wedding photographercreative wedding photographerSteve & Katie are awesome.

Anushe Low - Beautiful Ed.

Jen Owens - Stunning (as always!). The light you’ve captured is amazing.

fer juaristi - your frames are out of this world bro.

Roberto ramos - No words man. Awesome frames.

Kirsten Mavric - Really, really beautiful. She isn’t bad, either.

jeff ambrose - love how you can tell the day just slowed down during these and they were able to just enjoy each other.

Jo Hastings - Wow! Breathtakingly beautiful images.

Jon S6 - super cool. One day I may ask the secret of convincing people to climb tree’s

Dean Govier - Brilliant work. Love the first diptych.

Andy Gaines - Great work, as usual!

Jakub Majewski - So simple, so beautiful … bravo Ed!

Alex & Mike [In a London Palace]

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Alex & Mike’s wedding is featured on the fantastic Snippet & Ink blog – head over for all the details…

Kirsten Mavric - Dreadful. Horrible. Amateurish.

Obviously, I’m lying. Every frame is up to your ridiculously high standard. And I ADORE your editing, as you know.

Phill - If they gave out Blue Peter badges for wedding photography, this would get a gold plated one. Such an inspiring wedding to be at too!

Steve Elmer - Great Oden’s Beard! You’ve done it again!

beth - Love it!

Matt Salter - What a stomper – frekin awesome.

Mark Murfitt - Oh…My…Gosh!

Damn it, the bar just got raised…again!

David Jenkins - You bring so much to the party, endless imagination as always Ed.

Caroline - Pictures number 70! I die! Absolutely amazing shot! I heart your photography muchly Ed!

Natasha Thompson - I LOVE everything about your photography! can’t wait for the next blog post now!!!

Davidone - Stunning ! Love this ! :)

Sachin - Freakin sweet bro’

Eliza - What an incredibly beautiful wedding, Ed! I adore Eltham Palace, and your photography has made it look even more incredible than it already does. Stunning work!

Marianne Taylor - You know what I was going to say don’t you. I’ll just sigh dramatically instead.

Gemma Williams - Wow, that’s amazingly fabulous. It’s all so good!

Jon S6 - scoresome awesome

Vicki - Awesome photos!!! I love the limbo ones! Really made me laugh!

Simon - insanely amazing … beautiful shots! My fav photo blog right now.

Sam - I heart this

Claire - English Wedding blog - I can’t think of a word brilliant enough to use. So many beautiful things to see here, my brain is empty. I – wow. That’s the best I can manage. :)

Ben Wetherall - Brilliant mate. Absolutely love all the detail. Excellent stuff

Paul Krol - love your style Ed.

Catherine - AMAZING, each and every frame.

Rick - Wow Ed, your work always tells such a story but the shots on the stair before the ceremony are something else. The sense of anticipation; the dramatic irony (!); they’re just so heart-achingly pure. Well done!

john day - GREAT set ed – lovely venue and a wonderfully eccentric crowd, captured perfectly :)

nirav - You got an eye dude. Well two really but you get it :)

Jen Owens - Possibly one of my favourites you’ve shot. Amazing photos, fantastic. Looks like it was an awesome day.

Fotograf Lublin - Fantastic wedding. Great caprured!

Jakob - Dude. So f*cking awesome.

Amber Wilkie - Gosh, that birdseed shot is absolutely perfection!

Len - Just beyond awesome, I am completely lost for words and I’m sure the bride & groom are absolutely over the moon.:) xx

heather nan - Brilliant, plain and simple.

michele bowman - such a lovely wedding!! fabulous from start to finish. thanks for the morning smile :)

Mercedes - This is and *amazing* wedding and what a fantastic couple! Your work is just absolutely fabulous!

Alvaro Ayarza - one of the things that fascinate me your photo is the simplicity of compositions, as you get oil from locations that seemingly have nothing. Thanks for that eye.

Paul Fuller - Such a stylish wedding, beautifully captured

Paula O'Hara - I can’t stop looking at your work! Seriously fantastic photography.