John & Frances | San Francisco, California

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I couldn’t think of a better way to end 2013 than to help my incredibly talented friend Nirav Patel document John & Frances’ wedding day.

These guys, their friends and their families are the warmest people you could hope to meet and their wedding day followed suit. The day started and ended in Pacifica, a quaint little surf town south of San Francisco, California. In between was a first look in Twin Peaks and a beautiful ceremony at Old St Hilary’s Church. Memories I’ll never forget.

 A big high five Nirav for having me along.

Carla Bonnet Photography - Amazing! Two masters in one wedding!

Pretty Days - Again and again the same comment… AMAZING Ed <3

Hamish Jordan - Great shots as usual Ed :)

Zosia - Oh wow! THIS is why I come here to kick start those visual cogs in my brain! Stunning.

Suso Rivas - Soooo beautiful!!

Alberto Sagrado - Great post!

Alex Miller - More Mr Peers magic. It’s as if amazing light and beauty follow you everywhere Ed!

Matt - Beuatiful bro!

Arnau Dalmases - Oh, if I got married again I want you two to document my wedding! Incredible shots!! Thanks for sharing Ed.

Mathias Cederholm - Really awesome.
You make a great team the two of you. :)

Nirav - Virtual hug and high fives my friend. Can’t wait to collaborate again!

Louie - San Fran awesomeness

Andreas Holm - So beautiful! What a wedding!

Nicola - Maaan, you kill it! Every. single. time. Unreal!. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding

Elissa - This is such totally beautiful coverage. I love the shots in the tunnel especially.

if photographers - Impresionante como siempre Ed Peers!!

Albert Palmer - Loving that Californian light. Top work Ed.

Alyssa Schroeder - I’m kinda speechless. I love the frame of them exiting the church showing the elegance of her dress and the portraits in/around the church are stunning too. Amazing work.

kong wai - So nice !! Stunning works

Jay - Love this set of images Ed. Beautiful mate

Johanna - I think I love everything about this wedding. That church is just unreal, and what a location! Great work, as always. <3

rahul - amazing mr peers….the location, light, details, emotions all captured perfectly!

Jakub Fabijanski - Incredible work gentlemen!

Amanda Basteen - SO much goodness in one post. As always. Brilliant work.

Heather Elizabeth - Oh HOT DAMN. That’s a good one. Freakin amazing.

Tomasz Wagner - Incredible, INCREDIBLE work as usual, Ed! The light during this entire wedding, but particularly in that church – unreal.

dan - oh my god. insanely beautiful.

Damian Burcher - Great tones. The one of the rusty car reminds me of an old Ernst Haas photo.

seth goodman - Wow these are amazing! I love the light in church and photos you made in there.

Joseph Hall - Really gorgeous photos – has to be one of the smiliest, happiest couples ever! Love the dog in the church too!

Dominique / York Place Studios - Stunning job Ed, always a pleasure :)

Kelly - Wow, Wow, WOW. Love this wedding. Gorgeous Ed xx

Levi Tijerina - So good, Ed.

Pedro Bellido - Brilliant Ed, congrats !

Jimmy & Sonya Bender - Amazing as usual! Love your over all colour, tone and story telling! Great work.

Jonas Karlsson - Wow thats gorgeous. Love the film look.

Adam Johnson - Ed, this is just exquisite.

Kasia - Love this wedding Ed! The photograph of bride and groom sat in the church backlit is my favourite! xxx

Fiona Reid - Incredible Shots. WOW.

Tim - Mate, love your work!

Cam Grove - Outstanding, stunning, incredible! Really love your shots of the groom getting ready, that part of the day is sometimes like getting blood out of a stone but you make it look effortless!

Kristopher - Amazing work! The compositions, lighting, and exposures all are executed perfectly. I love the story telling involved with this wedding, great stuff:-)

tom Ravenshear - Simply. Stunning. Ed.

David @ Married to My Camera - Fantastic all round coverage Ed, and so many great portraits of the happy couple.

gera juarez - great job, congrats!!!

Albert - This is great, Ed. I love the color grading.

fabian martinez - love them Ed! such a beautiful work!

Mathew - Incredible! I love the tones in the church!


Thank You 2013 [A Look Back]

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I’m so incredibly grateful for the year 2013 and for everything it brought. It was a year of incredible adventures and making new friends all over the World. Of course none of this would’ve been possible without the people who allowed me in to capture their incredible celebrations and quiet moments together – you know who you are and THANK YOU so much. It was a pleasure to meet every single one of you and tell your stories.

So here’s just a little of what happened in 2013. I know this post is on the long side and how I tried and I tried to make this selection shorter, but I just couldn’t cut it down anymore – you were too epic 2013!

Also, a big thank you to my family (team Peers) who have been an incredible support and who I’ve shared much of the journey with. I wouldn’t be doing this without you. This year we’ll travel together even more and I just can’t wait.

Wishing you all an incredible year ahead and may it be full of blessing.

Ed - Proud to share my first name with you! You are a true MASTER! Amazing photography…every image speaks volumes!

Zosia - You are good, Mr Peers, awesome good! Here’s to 2014!

Boy Called Ben - Bravo, Sir. This is a fine post. Good luck for 2014!

Luke Hayden - Love every frame! You’re very gifted man.

Pretty Days - Beautiful pictures for Amazing Places by INCREDIBLE photographer… I love it Ed…

Don Yap - Each frame is a masterpiece! Hope you fly to Shanghai one of these days! Cheers!

shelly - God damn Ed! So much bloody talent! So many gorgeous brides and grooms. So many awesome locations. I can’t believe 2014 can get any better really. You clever sod! Love it. xx

Kelly @ Boho Weddings - WOW! Absolitely stunning work Ed, totally beautiful xxx

Igor Demba - Ah, so this is where unicorns are made. Such an incredible vision my friend. Wishing you all the best for 2014!

Chris Milner - Just sensational work Ed, I’ve followed your work for years and you keep getting better and better, a real inspiration!

Hannah | CaseyAvenue - absolutely WOW… took my breath away, just beautiful. A well travelled man!

Marie Man - E.P.I.C. (as expected). Love your work and your couples. Here’s to an even more amazing 2014! xx

Vicki - Wow Wow Wow! Such a pleasure to meet you this year at Mnoo school. You are such an inspiration! Absolutely INCREDIBLE, MIND BLOWING set of photos for a year, can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for you! Vicki x

Sam Docker - This is insane work Mr Peers!!

Jakob - Epic, indeed. Don’t stop.

andy w - Beautiful work Ed! Loving the landscapes too :O)

Daniela Liska - Maravilloso como siempre!! Felicitaciones!!!!

louie - You dee man Ed!! :) Brilliant, every image.

Matt Lien - Your work is among the very best. So inspiring, man.

Carmen - Simply incredible Ed! Every photo is captured so beautifully. You’re so talented and a great guy to work with too. I’m sure your 2014 is going to be another amazing year!

Michael Jackson - Gulp. Absolutely incredible Ed. There’s not much more to say, just incredible.

Juliet Mckee - I am just so impressed with your work Ed, as someone else said, insane!!

if photographers - simplemente TREMENDO!!

Helen Lisk - Utterly, utterly wonderful images. Just… wow.

Nessa - You’re one of my favorite photographers and this entire post has my head feeling fizzy and light. I just love so many of these photos so much it hurts. <3

Brett - Freaking brilliant work, Ed! You’re an absolute wizard. So bummed I missed your workshop.

Rik Pennington - Good grief Ed, what a brilliant year for you! Inspirational.

Levi Tijerina - These are brilliant, Ed. This is such inspiring work.

Brian Furbush - Absolutely killer year Ed, your work is such an inspiration.

john day - Ed – you are a super talented genius lensman :)

Sachin Khona - Ed. You are a master. This is so inspiring.
All the best for 2014 (not that you need it!) Ha!
Stay blessed brother.

Amanda Basteen - Woah dude. What an inspiring year you had. So jealous of all of your travelling! Can’t wait to see what you come up with this year!

Tina Cleary - Wow what a year you have had, stunning images and locations.

mathias - just…wow.

nirav - Dude… an incredible year for a very deserving person. Congratulations man and I’m looking to more collaborations this year!

Anthony - Such a great collection of images!

Tyler - You’re one of my favs dude. Hoping we cross paths sometime soon.

John Bello - I looked through these so many times. What a magical year -so, so good!

Marianne Taylor - So so good. What a year! Here’s to more adventures! xo

Heather - So many beautiful places and so many beautiful images. Well done.

Matt Brown - Speechless!

Heather Elizabeth - well, my head just exploded from all the awesome. Thank you very much for that. oh my.

Kelly - Oh my gosh Ed, these are TOTALLY amazing. So many images that are so different yet so beautiful. Ed you rock man. There is no way you could beat this set…Is there? 2014 you are the man to watch….Thank for sharing

eric - lovely work Ed, lovely.

Alex Miller - As always, these are unbelievably good Ed!

Rachael - I want to thank YOU for capturing the best bits of a wondrous day. You are the BEST and its a privilege to have had you as our photographer.

Kierstin - You are amazing. ‘Nuff said.

Alyssa Schroeder - I’m just blown away by your work. These are stunning. What a year!

bryan - you are my favorite. seriously. my jaw is on the ground.

Kris Holland - Good god, Edward! All the best in the year to come.

Andrew Rankin - Great wrap up – thanks for sharing.

Malin Huusmann - Words can not describe how much I admire you. Good work! No, AMAZING work!

David Campbell - Geez what a year! Not sure how you are going to top this in 2014…But no doubt you will.

Alex - So great to see a confident artist producing gallery worthy work.

Teresa K - There is a special place in my heart for your work Ed.

Emilie - You never disappoint. Never. Simply stunning.

Mathias Cederholm - Hahaha, I quit.
Thank you.

Jamie Waters - Four runs with a straight bat! Well played Sir… all the best for 2014 Ed!

Hannes Uys - Mind blown.

Az - beautiful work, love the ‘quietness’ of your images so much.

Eneka - Beautiful beautiful work! Great 2013!

Luis Matus - Stunning work and an amazing year!!!! you’re number one!

Emilie White - Ed, breathtaking images. What a fab year! Looking forward to following your adventures in 2014!

Kat Forsyth - Basically ridiculously awesome. That is all.

Jesse Pafundi - You have a masterful eye. Incredible year.

Ross Harvey - Amazing bro! You’ve visited many wonderful places and taken many incredible photographs.

*Tips hat*

Tomasz Wagner - Such brilliant work, Ed – every single frame. What an epic year indeed. Here’s to another, good sir!

amari kenoly - WOW….you had an amazing 2013 my friend.

Debbie - Congrats on a great 2013 and so many beautiful memories captured! Wishing you the best with the new year~!

Andreas Holm - Wow! Incredible! This is so good!

benj haisch - incredible. seriously.

Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 27th January - […] Thank You 2013 – From Ed Peers […]

Boho's Best Bits - W/C 27th January - Boho Weddings™ - […] Thank You 2013 – From Ed Peers […]

Joseph Hall - Fantastic year – so much love! fantastic varied work – every picture gets me hooked – still haven’t got over the bride in the sea – great fun!

hugh - whoa.

Kristian Leven - Ed, you’ve become a master of light. Loved the variety in this set, seriously stunning. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year!

Tim May - I thought I had seen every post of yours this year but it turns out I must have missed a couple of corkers. The venise engagement shoot looks great. I think I might suggest to one of our couples that we pop over there for their shoot some time.

Carmen Maria Luis - Spectacular images, I really like how you catch the moments, the style of photographs, frames, and with very good ideas, great work!, Greetings from Tenerife

Pedro Bellido - Brilliant Ed, congrats!

Geoff - Absolutely outrageous.

Chloe - I lost track of my favourites. There were literally that many.
Incredible, incredible, incredible vision & timing & styling & beauty. Hats off to you!

Paul Keppel - wow what an amazing set of images.

Paige - just found your work through Nirav. wow. just, wow. you are incredibly talented! so glad I stumbled upon your blog :-)

Barney Walters - Ed you shouldn’t read this as you are well grounded chap and I would hate for you to become otherwise. But this is most likely the best 2013 round up I have seen. Incredible. Speechless for more words. But purely amazing work. All my best for this season and hopefully our paths will cross soon. Best Wishes and hats off. :)

Eric Lundgren - Incredible collection of images. Excited to see what’s next for you.

picturewales - Absolutely stunning wedding photos, you have blown me away. As a fellow photographer you have totally inspired me to do better in the future and I will continue to follow your work, well done!

John Archer - Stunning images. Thank you for sharing. San Francisco looks amazing. I recently visited Thailand and Cambodia:

Love the night shots, really captures the atmosphere. Those stars are incredible.

mark brown - Wow, Ed! Your work is so beautiful. keep up the good work! And all the best for the year ahead!! Mark

Tom Ravenshear - Wow. Your work is absolutely breathtaking. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2014!

Erwin Beckers - Love it! From the first to the last image. Do you use tilt-shift lenses on some of them ?