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My friend Nirav Patel and I have decided to team up and put together an adventure themed workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ll be teaching an overnight workshop around building a successful business that will give you opportunities and the time to do the things you’re passionate about. We’ll cover topics such as finding your voice, staying inspired, and working efficiently. There will be a little hiking involved so be ready with some sturdy shoes and a warm jacket. The goal for us is to create something that feels organic (less classroom…more indiana jones) and that everyone could enjoy and feel comfortable to be a part of. By the end of the workshop, we’re hoping that you’ll be fired up and ready to accomplish your goals and find the answer to how you can create that business you’ve always wanted.

Here’s some information…

When: January 7th & 8th 2014 (Full Day Workshop on the 7th, Breakfast on the 8th)

Where: San Francisco, CA. (actual location is 50 minutes north of SF at Point Reyes Station)

Details: An overnight adventure workshop that will cover inspiration, branding/ business and working efficiently. Events include a live shoot, hiking adventure, and late night talks under the stars. Food & lodging is included with your reservation.

Price: $1,000 USD

Booking Your Spot: Please email Nirav at contact[at] to secure your spot. 15 spots available on a first come first serve basis. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you!


Ed - Wow, this sounds epic! Please do one like this in England, I will be there!

Antony Turner - ^^ Agree, do England I’ll be there in a shot!

edpeers - We have something in the pipeline for Europe next year – tell us if you’re interested and watch this space…

Shahed - This looks awesome- would be keen to know of the European workshop next year! :)

Lucy Crawley - I would love to come but I am going to San Fran in June next year and can’t afford to go twice :( Please do a workshop like this in the UK though, it sounds awesome!

Malvina Molnar - Yes for Europe!

Rob Dodsworth - +1 for Europe!

Beautiful Life Wedding Photography - Amazing Wedding Photography. Really love your work. Stunning!

Emilie Olson - Very interested in Europe!

Azahaara - W O N D E R F U L!!!

Barney Walters - Oppps. Sad I missed this, hopefully it will all go well for you both and let me know if there is another at some stage. All the best for 2014 Ed!

September | A Round Up | Destination Wedding Photographer

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I just can’t believe we’ve hit Autumn already. This year has just flown by and my head is spinning with amazing memories, adventures and good times…

I have so much to share with you all. September was a particularly huge month with seven weddings, six being overseas in Europe and each being an incredible adventure. It’s always great to stop and pause for a while – a chance to reflect and relive. So here are a few frames that merely scratch the surface of the incredible month of September.

Of course, this is all about people and their stories and I’d just like to say a massive thank you to all the incredible couples who have trusted me to be a part of their amazing wedding days. You are all champions and I’ve had an incredible time meeting and getting to know you and your friends and families. Thank you and high five.

I hope you enjoy this little snippet and I look forward to sharing so much more…

Voyteck - great selection of photos, amazing work!

David Campbell - All killer, no filler! Amazing work Ed.

Ed - You’re a true artist! Incredible work, so inspiring!

Jay Rowden - Boom. Love your work Ed. Stunning captures as ever

Igor Demba - Shaba times bro Peers!

Andraz Gregoric - Beautiful as always. Your work is amazing Ed.

Ben - super nice Ed! so clean.

Paul Underhill - Lovely collection, epic locations and beautiful production. Keep up the fantastic work Ed!

Boy Called Ben - Stop being so good!

Jean-Laurent - This is f*cking amazing. Great job Ed!

Inta - Your work leaves me speechless.

Lucy - Beautiful images, I can wait to see the full sets!

Joseph Hall - Really rather special my man. That is a set I would be ecstatic to have. Very good show!

Alessio - Awesome awesome awesome :)
Can’t wait to see the rest of it

Alberto Desna - Love your work Ed, amazing images!!

Jairo Crena - Cant belive, beautifull crazy shots! You win lol

Nicola Blood - No Thank you Ed! You did a great job and couldn’t have asked for a nicer guy to be our photographer! Everyone loved you – including Cheeseburger! haha

Vicki - What an amazing month for you!!! Such beautiful work! Can’t wait to see you on the workshop in a couple of weeks! WOOP!

Maja - Truly amazing pictures, all of them!

Daniela Liska - Maravillosas!!! Que lindo adelanto, esperamos atentos para ver el resto! Felicitaciones por tan lindos trabajos

pen - Your work never fails to take my breath away. What a month. Wow.

Elissa - Wow, your work is really beautiful. I was hoping to pick a favorite but couldn’t, there were so many. Just lovely!

mathias - yowzers. incredible.

Amanda Basteen - amazing stuff!

Laura - Mindblowing!

Jakob - Dude.

Lindsay Taryn - Ed, these are absolutely incredible images – many of them had me wondering, is this really Europe?! (like the portraits in the rocks/on the water… holy wow!). Your sun flare portraits are stunning, too!

Emilie - You are killing me with your talent. I start realizing how lucky I am that you were still available for my intimate wedding almost 2 years ago. I will always be thankful for the memories you have created for us. xoxo

Jessica - The bride about to walk into the chapel stopped my heart.

rik pennington - Just stunning. Awesome work Ed.

Jon S6 - Awesome stuff, now have some family time!!

Talia Unger - Every frame is so beautiful. Love it.

ALMA // - Yikes!!!

Mary Sylvia - Cool idea having a roundup, everything in here is boss.

Shipra Panosian - I can not get over how gorgeous this event is!! That image of the bride entering the church…my jaw dropped!! Love it all!

ayesha - seriously… mindblowing. i’m loving your job haha :) you should be very proud! really, really incredible work… distinct style and such breathtaking images. i hope someone has a large canvas of that third one down from the top!

naomi - a lot of strong peaceful beauty in your work, ed. love it as always.

Zosia - Love your work, Mr Peers! Hope you show more of some of these :)
By the way, that shot with the bride entering the chapel..sooooo good!

PJ - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Cam Grove - Quite simply, your work makes me want to try harder every weekend! Thankyou.

Veronica Varos - Goodness me.

Anton Chia - Absolutely beautiful and breath taking.

Urška Majer - These are so beautiful!

Ariana Watts - Goodness… your work. Absolutely breathtaking.

Girish - Wonderful set of pictures Ed, as always. Look forward for more.

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Paul Fuller - My goodness, that’s all I can say, breathtaking

Life with Kaishon - What an incredibly busy and beautiful month you had! WOW. I love the wedding images you shoot. I can always feel something. Something big.

James - September? I would be proud to call this my life’s work!

Ben May - You say this is JUST September, now you are being a show off :-) incredible moments in time captured expertly as usual Ed.

April - Such great inspiration and pictures ! Bravo

Jon Yoder - such a freaking good set of images. kudos!

Tom Ravenshear - Beautiful work mate.