Rose + Nick [A Thailand Elopement]

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The story of Nick & Rose’s Thailand elopement on the beautiful island of Phuket…

I just knew I had to be there for this. From Australia, Nick & Rose eloped in the true sense of the word. Nobody knew, not even their families and it was such a privilege to be their photographer and witness. The day was incredible, starting with a first look framed by palm trees off the beach followed by and exploration of the island, a long tail boat ride to a private island, a ceremony at the Radisson Phuket and diner on the beach.

A perfect afternoon.

Ronald de Bie - Nice work as always!

Greetings from the cold Netherlands ;-)

shelly - HOT! VERY HOT! I am talking about the temperature here…… also the bride… she’s pretty gorgeous too! Love all of this Ed. Knocked it out of the park buddy. Bloody love Thailand.

Jon - fancy taking me next time Ed? :-)

Monika Zaldo Photography - A beautiful wedding, wonderful pictures

Porter - absolutely SPECTACULAR ed. you’re outrageously talented and the story telling in this post is perfect

Ross Harvey - Stunning bro!

eadwine - Superb as always Ed!

Katharine Peachey - Wonderful!!

Hugh Whitaker - Incredible as always!

Mick Shah - …just WoW!

Matt Willis - Epic and intimate all at the same time. One of my favourties!

Mario - Incredible work!!

Tyler - man. just beautiful, ed.

Stefanie Cepeda - wow, you can really feel what their day was like. Truly amazing!

Dennis Pike - This is really just unbelievably good. I can’t get over all of it. the shots on the boat, the light before and during the ceremony, the paper lanterns. Just stunning.

Sachin Khona - #soblessed.

Nuts bro.

Paul Von Rieter - Fo Real dude? So stupid good. Love it. Your use of light is bitchen.

Anthony - That is so cool!

Tomasz Wagner - Elopements are intimate occasions, sure, but it still takes skill to convey that to the people who weren’t there. You’ve done it again, Mr. Peers.

Natalie Champa Jennings - Magnificent. Gorgeous. Great storytelling.

chris prestidge - your best yet, simply epic !

Mona - What a beautiful day, a stunning story about two people in love. Just wow!!

Janet - Seriously wow… everything!
Beautiful location and couple, such an amazing collection

azahaara - Wonderful!!! Great job

Jakob - Spectacular.

Amy Barton - As amazing and breathtaking as always Ed!

Jesus Caballero - what an incredible story…. congrats man!!!!

Kat Forsyth - Wow, Ed! Such a great sense of place and emotion!

Rachel Movitz - Wow, how totally romantic! Such amazing images to capture their unique day, stunning!

Thomas Steibl - It can’t be done any better.

Dominique - You made that look easy, well done Ed, just beautiful work :)

Arek - As always…great!

Chelsea Dier - WOW, these are beautiful!!

Robin - Wow, what amazing photos, I love the one of the couples hands photographed through the blue wood, Stunning!

Laura Babb - Georgousness. Thailand is one of my favourite places and you have captured its essence wonderfully.

Kristian Leven - Magical images dude..

Tim May - Love the boat ride in this one.

gavin - Wow, stunning set of photos from a stunning day!

Andreas - Brilliant Ed!

Pedro Mon - ¡Enhorabuena!
Intimo, sensible, bien narrado. Preciosa historia de amor contada en fotos.
Sencillamente precioso.

Duncan McCall - Stunning photography, great document of a spectacular wedding!

Delia - WOW! What a stunning set of images! You are very talented, Ed.

Lam - Lovely photos that bring a different feel in thai resort.

Bröllopsfotograf - Nailed it. very nice story

Girish - Beautiful pictures. Wonderful.

Such a privilege to be there when the whole world has no idea of the wedding :)

Tomasz - very unusual yet stunning day !

deci - This is so so so (effing) stunning:-O

Paul Keppel - Wow, what an amazing location for a wedding. Love the boat shots.

Pedro Bellido - Absolutely amazing!!!

Hideki Falcon - Hi Ed, I stumbled on your website a couple of weeks ago and I’m completely speechless, I personally think there is just quite a few gifted people like you capable to make feel goose pumps just looking at your photos. You inspire me to look more, look better, look twice. maybe think less and shot more. I really wish I can meet with you in a near future and know a little bit about the person behind. Congratulations and keep the good work, I will be a returning visitor from now on hahaha.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Fotografo Boda Malaga - Enhorabuena, color, encuadres..etc. congratulations

Fotografia Ślubna Gdańsk - This is what I like. Interesting venues, happy people, joyful. Perfect compositions and unbeatable timing. Great work! :)

Erwin Beckers - What an amazing place to shoot the wedding, i love the beach pictures, the forest and sunset images, heck i like them all :-)

Adam + Angela | Umbria, Italy Destination Wedding

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I say this a lot, but it was just such a privilege to be a part of such an intimate and heartfelt day. It was truly special. Adam & Angela are two so amazingly genuine and warm people and it was just incredible to be invited in to capture this for them. Nikis Resort was a magical setting nestled amongst the vineyards and olive groves of Umbria, Italy. Just magic.

Huge thanks to the extremely talented Andreas Holm for joining me on this adventure – from which neither of us wanted to leave.

Wedding planner: Elia Moretti – Super Tuscan Wedding Planners.

eadwine - Too Good! *Arggghhhhhhhh!!!*

Jay Rowden - Awesome Ed. Great collection of images. Love

Hanneke - So good! Love the tones!

Emilie - Oh so lovely! I love all the little details, you are so good to capture this.

Rik Pennington - Fabulous work Ed. I can see why you didn’t want to leave :)

tim riddick - mic drop…. slowly walks out of room… freaking amazing bro!

Brian - This is super beautiful, Ed! Love how you capture the moments as is we were there.

Johanna Hietanen - There’s so much gorgeous going on in here that I don’t know where to start. The shot of her entering the church has to be one of my favorite entrance photos ever. All that sunshine just warms my heart and I love all those emotions and moments you’ve captured.

WhiteDressPhoto Jesús Caballero - beautiful!!!! that light!!!!! I love it!!!!

Anne und Björn - What a touching and perfect captured moment when the bride get’s into the ceremony… Wow!!!

zdenek - Yes, too good Edd! Top. Great. Excellent.

Andraz Gregoric - Awesome Ed!

Yeray Cruz - Absolutely!!

Stephanie Rita - this is amazing! the photo of the family lighting the ceremony candles together sticks out to me as especially beautiful!

Ross Harvey - A beautiful wedding, beautifully captured :) Awesome bro!

Brittany - Um. Wow. How you see a day is so unique and beautiful. Your use of colour and light, ability to capture emotion. Absolutely amazing.

Maja - This is crazy beautiful! Italy never seems to dissapoint.

Anthony - Amazing!

oriana - Amazing!! love it

Ashlee - Every frame is stunning!

Suso Rivas - Yes!!! Beautiful.

Tyler - ed. you are very good.

David Luque Fotografía - Wow, Great work, beautiful wedding¡¡¡

dan - I’m with Tyler, you are very good. Maybe even very-super good? Really-very-super good.

Ben - Beautiful stuff Ed!

Hugh Whitaker - Incredible as always!

Bec - LOVE.IT.
Incredible dude.

michelle waspe - stunning! both wedding and photography.

Loke Roos - Wow, this is amazing!

Raúl Tomás - Son fantásticas!! geniales, que historia tan bonita y bien contada!! felicidades!!

Elissa - Absolutely gorgeous. The bride entering the chapel is my new favorite photo of all time.

Logan Cole - Killer!

Rob Lythe - Stunning photos, Stunning country, What a fantastic combination!

Tim Bishop - Speechless Ed, each time I kept thinking this has got to be the best photo in this set but they just kept on being so amazing!! Truly gifted brother! Tx

Tomasz Wagner - You really make me want to step up my game all the time. Blown away.

Danny - Ed You always have amazing photos your always in the right place at the right time and it shows! Great work!

Mick Shah - Oh the light, amazing work and love that last shot! : )

Heather E - This is absolutely freaking amazing. Like seriously are you for real? The wedding is beautiful, and your photography was top notch. Amazing work.

Rachael - Beautiful images. Amazing.

Natalie - Ed, you inspire me as an artist to document life in a more authentic way! Wow! This wedding is nothing short of extraordinary… Amazing work as always!

/mariahedengren - Ah, perfection.

Arek - This is amazing…

oriana - I really love the way you see photograph each wedding…it is unique!!

Zosia - I just got warmed up inside and out looking at these photos. Beautiful work Ed :)

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Nicola - just incredible from beginning to end! amazing work!!

Jakob - Srsly solid.

Delia McDonagh - Another great wedding Ed!

Matt - Breathtaking man. Breathtaking.

Cam Grove - Hard to pick just one favourite, but the shot of Angela waiting to come into the chapel is just too damn good!

Tim May - The shot of her walking into the church is beautiful. Such a lovely angle. I feel like I am there when I see that. As as always: Amazing.

Sarah Gawler - Wow Ed, just wow!

Lam - stunning photos. love your style and passion.

Erran Stewart Wedding Photography - Lovely lovely lovely. I love the country style weddings they are so no nonsense. You have captured the day beautifully!

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