Elin + Stefan | Västerås, Sweden

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Wow, where do I start?! How about by declaring that Elin & Stefan are incredible people and it was a joy to get to know them and to document what was an awesome wedding day nearby their home in Västerås, Sweden. The day was all them. Nothing for the sake of it, but everything for the love of it.

From the old school building they borrowed, to the food they made from scratch with their own bare hands, it was an epic day. No fuss, just awesome. My writing skills are crappy, but hopefully these images reveal a glimpse of the love, the friendships and the good times had by all.

Elin is a very talented Sweden wedding photographer herself and you should check out her work right now.

shelly - Just simply beautiful. Love that last shot dude. x

OEIL - perfectly dreamy in every way.

Joanna - Incredible; the sentiment stripped back ethos lets the love shine through. Perfect wedding and shit with such sensitivity. Love this ed x

Szerdi - These are truly amazing images xx

Elin Ivemo - We couldn’t have picked a better photographer to document our day(s)! You did an AMAZING job and we’re forever greatful for all the beautiful images. They truly reflect what the day was all about. Thank you.

Dominique - Ahhh these are delicious Ed, love the photographs and love the couple. :)

naomi - beautiful, stylish and seamless work. love the frame of the two of them on the top table!

Mike - wow, beautiful images and such an awesome, intimate wedding.

Sarah - Wow this is just so perfect in every way. Every frame I adore.

gee - As good as it gets.

TALL - Oh they are so hip and cute! Love her shoes! Way to rock the flare! Well done all around!

Sachin Khona - Ed you are the master of light. Love this wedding .. the shot of them eating dinner is the best man .. haha so good!

don barrington - mad stuff ed. luke h. wanted me to say hi. :)

Ross Harvey - Awesome buddy :)

benj haisch - looks awesome, Ed. they’ve gotta be thrilled.

Anton Chia - Beautiful style. Love your work Ed!

kenny - .. love love the day before shot of the low sun flare and rim light sweet sweet ..

damian - Great set. The B&W one near the beginning of the car going round the curve is great, could have been the cover for Kerouacs “On the Road”

Niko - Lovely and inspiring Ed. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with your kind and amazing point of view.

Emilie White - Great work Ed, love intimate weddings, and this one is awesome! Love Sweden, lucky you!

Emilie - So cool and relaxed. Love your work Ed.

Matt - Unreals. Love the portrait sesh!

David McNeil - you have captured a very lovely day in they way only you can!

Eneka - So cool. Love their style and approach to their wedding day. Awesome.

jon yoder - wow! incredible work. I love how you integrated the day before and the wedding pictures together. Killer work. The woods pictures remind me of the adventures of my childhood. :)

mitch - Soooooooooooooo goooooooooood!!

Thomas - this story is so full of incredible images…

Laura - Great compositions!

Ian - Simply amazing work. Talk about a perfect match between the three of you!

Rachael Laine - I Love these. amazing work Ed. simple and elegant and truly beautiful.

Netza - amatörfotograf och kulturhistorisk nörd - Tänk vad enkelt och fint ett bröllop kan vara. Älskar sista bilden.

Girish - Super set of pictures, I like the stairway photographs of the two.. very awesome idea. Nice shot that last one.

Inspiring work as always.

Joseph Hall - Ed you rascal, these are tooooo good!

Sarah Rominger - Your vision is so unique and I’m a huge fan. =)

mathias fast - these are a whole nother level of amazing.

WhiteDressPhoto Jesús Caballero - I love these full histories… incredible work Ed… Sin palabras…

Cam Grove - Gorgeous work Ed – loved the Chuck Taylors shot; so simple!

Kristian Leven - It’s not just the images, which are stunning, but also the way you’ve put them together, which makes this such an amazing set. Ed, this is work of the highest order, big respect.

Jakub - Wonderful work mr Peers!

Zosia - Your writing skills are far from crappy however, who needs words when you can take pictures like this! Beautiful, Mr Peers :)

Jonny Giddens - Stunning photos, especially love the amazing light in the woods, great work.

Shane Jackson - This is the second time on your site and your wedding photography really does blow me away! You really do seeing things that other people just don’t see. What ever you charge you are worth it! fantastic

I will be visiting again :)

Paul Keppel - Beautiful photographs, I love the amount of details shots that you gather during the wedding that would normally get over looked. Plus the tones in the woods are amazing. :-)

Tom Ravenshear - Love the effortlessly simple styling of this wedding. Definitely one of my favourites – great work yet again!

Leandra + Dave | Meet Me By The Lake | A Preview

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These guys, their friends, their family, their passion, this place, that day, lakes and mountains. Everything was amazing.

I can’t wait to share this day with you in full, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy this little glimpse…

High five to Sachin Khona for joining me on this incredible adventure.

naomi - Wow, just wow. I love the slow shuttered boat ride.

Ed - Incredible setting and wonderfully captured! Can’t wait to see the rest…you’re an inspiration!

fer juaristi - wow brother, killing it!

Antony Turner - Done well mate! The boat in the middle of the lake shot is winning!

tania - Just stunning! As always, mind blowing!

manel tamayo - Brutal preview Ed !!!

Paul Underhill - AMAZING!! Beautiful imagery!

Christine - So so beautiful!

Ross Harvey - Amazing bro!

Jessica Vogelsang - First image is insane. All the images are gorgeous, and my favorite is the canoeing one. Fab.

Tim Kelly - Every single one of these photos are stunning. Amazing work!

Eneka - Beautiful work!

Yuriy - These are crazy good! Awesome job guys!

tobiah - phenomenal and incredible!

geneoh - wow dude, these are amazing!

Pere lliteras - Amazing! I love your photos…

A hugh from spain Mr.Ed ;)

Sachin Khona - Brother Ed, you’re the man. That is all.

nirav - Please post full set ASAP.

John - jaw dropping stuff. YES!

Joseph Hall - Ed you make me want to travel! I love these pics, damn good. A*

Heather Kanillopoolos - That shot with the bride alone and the sunflare…. soooooo gorgeous!!

Taylor Roades - Her dress is off the charts awesome, and Ed you rock. (The motion blur canoe shot especially.)

mathias - ed. these are unreal! the shot of the groom walking toward his wife on the dock is perfection.

Matt - Incredible set man!

SANTI VEIGA | life&emotions - Magnifico Ed!!! te he seguido desde BODAF España!, me encanta tu trabajo, es maravilloso, abrazos desde Sevilla

Yeray Cruz - Cool¡¡

Matthew Long - Perfect Ed, just perfect.

Xanthe - Fnnghgh freakin’ amazing, Ed. Just awesome.

Tomasz Wagner - Every image is a striking feeling!

Girish - Stunning pictures Ed! And amazing locale. That bridal diptych is too good.

Leandra // Shuswap Lake Wedding Preview » Sachin Khona Photographer - […] Ed is one of a kind. He’s blogged an amazing preview from Leandra and Dave’s wedding at Shuswap Lake on his site which I highly urge you to check out HERE. […]

mike - can’t wait to see the rest.

Tanja - Wow, those are amazing photographs!

Dale Lempa - Beautiful work. Amazing wedding photography.

Andreas Holm - Crazy good as always! Looking forward to seeing more from this adventure.

Zosia - Mr Ed Peers! You are magic!

Rik Pennington - Epic and stunning.

Ben May - and this is just a preview…seriously?? Amazing shots Ed

Monica Justesen Photography - Wow! Absolutely stunning shots!

Michael Wachniak - you take pictures good.

WhiteDressPhoto Jesús Caballero - waiting this incredible history… amazing preview!!!!

Bartek Płuska - poetry!

Jakub - Wow, totally stunning dude!

photographe mariage belgique bruxelles brabant wallon namur - I love your style, thanks for the inspiring work :)

Tim May - I missed this preview first time round I think. Love the night sky at the end. Beautiful.

deci - Amazing. The bridal party shot by the lake is something else.

Bröllopsfotograf Jonas Karlsson - wow! cant wait for full post!